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Outsourced Tech Support Services and Advantages

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To thrive in today’s business climate, one has to adapt to the digital transformation. The new world is just happening, especially with the global crisis that led everyone to appreciate the company of digital algorithms. With this significant change, tech experts have also become highly in-demand. Even the United States alone reaches $100 million in revenue from the 20 new tech companies on average that come each year, as shared by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Traditional, digital, and click-and-mortar businesses need technology to survive in today’s competitive market, and these tech companies always have the solution. To be ten steps ahead of the game, this article will give you insights about leveraging digital technology through outsourced tech support services, along with the advantages.

What are Tech Support Services?

When you get a new computer or device, it’s common to have a lot of questions about how it works. This is where you need to have a tech support person available. Tech support provides information about the device and its features. Indeed, there are many different kinds of tech support services you can use. You have the option of either calling tech support or getting on live chat. While live chat may not be as efficient as calls, it offers the advantage of you seeing the person helping, especially when a demo is necessary. 

Tech support is mainstream, especially for laptop users. Many times, people who buy a laptop do not understand the capabilities of this device, especially when they start to experience issues. They are not always sure what to do. Fortunately, it’s not hard to get assistance benefits from the tech support team of a prominent company. 

Even if you don’t sell gadgets or software, you still need a tech support team to set your business into a digital-ready model. In the next section, you will learn why. 

Tech Support for Traditional Business Model

This business model comes with a physical location opened and managed by physically present employees or store owners. If you have had this business model for years now, you can expand its potential by adapting to digital transformation. For some, their traditional business model has evolved into a more efficient one. The new model consists of a business with a website and a mobile application. 

If you are a boutique owner, for example, you can always start with investing in a website to market your store. This is if you are not yet ready to transform into a click-and-mortar business model. Outsourcing a tech support expert can help you make this vital transition happen. You can get an outsourced tech support professional who will set your business up with SEO, social media integration, and website launch. 


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way to make your brand appear on google search. It comes with technicalities and consistent content creation to get you to google search results’ first page. If you want to attract customers from the search engine, you have to tame the algorithm. To do so, start with outsourcing a content specialist, and of course, a webmaster to execute technical SEO strategies.

Social Media Integration to Your Website

Your webmaster will integrate social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn into your website. Your every blog post will automatically sync to your social media business pages. 

Sharing your blog posts consistently with your existing customers and audience will help with your search engine ranking. The more visitors you get on your website, the more it gets domain authority. Search engines always prioritize websites with high domain authority. 

Website Launch

Last but not least, your webmaster will create and maintain your brand’s website. He makes sure that your website is accessible, SEO compliant, and always updated with the latest digital trends. 

The meaning of a traditional business is being redefined. We are entering a new era with well-developed technology that has allowed businesses to launch in many different ways. It’s hard to believe that until a little over a decade ago, Uber was still a black car service that was manually driven. With your brick-and-mortar business, you can start first with digital marketing to warm you up for the next leap your business will take. When all becomes well through consistent productivity, you can venture into an online store through a website and app. 

Tech Support Services for Digital Business Model

A digital business is a company that focuses on digital marketing, digital media, and digital technology. Because everything is online, digital businesses thrive. If you want to start your own digital business, or you already have one, a good website that will you get a lot of traffic is a priority. Without a good website, you will not be able to attract the customers that you will need to grow your business.

If you are selling digital products such as ebooks, online courses, or templates, a landing page with payment automation is highly recommended. Instead of manually messaging interested buyers and letting them pay through online transfers, you can accommodate customer purchases all at once when you automate. The power of automation is something that should not be overlooked. When done correctly along with SEO, you get more time for yourself and other business ventures. You also increase your sales. 

Since you don’t have a physical store where customers or inquirers go in to ask questions, your customers will reach out to you online. To make your brand stand out, have your webmaster integrate web calls, webchat, and even answer bots to your business website. Outsource a tech customer support agent who is well-trained and knowledgeable about your digital products. 

Tech Support Services for Click-and-Mortar Business Model

With click-and-mortar, your store becomes a hybrid of the physical and online ones. With the convenient fulfillment and shipment options today, online retail stores are undoubtedly achievable. More likely, you get more revenue from your online store compared to the physical one. 

The role of your outsourced tech support team this time is to set up a well-faceted online store where your customer support team can easily access order invoices and statuses and send them over to your fulfillment partners. It is also important to have instant access to the shipping status of each order. 

In hindsight, tech server support is crucial to maintain the convenience of customers accessing your online store. They will add the ideal plugins to your website that are user-friendly to both your customers and team. 

The Common Types of Outsourced Tech Support Services

outsourced external tech support team

Tech support services are not only to answer customers regarding tech products. These are also critical to every business process. In other words, outsourced tech support can be internal or external. To give you an overview, here are the types of tech support services you can outsource. 

External Services


Troubleshooting is the term used to describe the process of finding and solving problems. It is a critical element of computer science and technology in general. Think about it this way: if you have a device that does not work as it should, how would you find out what’s wrong and fix it? It is a methodology for solving a problem by eliminating possible causes. No matter what you need to fix, you can apply the troubleshooting methodology. 

Troubleshooting is the process of fixing problems in a piece of software or equipment. It usually involves the use of analytical thinking along with knowledge of the problem and its possible causes. This can mean having the right tools and parts on hand. Avoiding quick fixes and jumping to conclusions is vital when troubleshooting. It’s easy if you know why an experienced tech support agent with the right qualifications is ideal for the job. 

Troubleshooting can be through a remote desk, voice call, or live chat.

Updated User Manuals and Technical Articles

Ideal for software developers, your updates help your users understand your product more. For customer convenience, publish updated user manuals and technical articles regularly. You can update them through email or your interface.  

Internal Tech Support


Websites are a must to excel in the digital marketing field. Every company on top has a website, some are just professional websites for brand awareness, some are also specifically for e-commerce. Websites can do exponential things, and an effective webmaster will make you leverage your website to the fullest.

Email automation

If you have your own business or someone that you’re running a digital campaign for, it’s a good idea to learn more about email automation. This is a great tool that will help you get your brand name out there. If you’re a blogger, it will also help you keep your readership up. It is the art of automatically sending emails from your store, and this can be done through an app or an email provider. Regardless of how you do it, it is a fun and easy way to grow your email list. All you need to make this come to fruition is to outsource a tech expert or email marketing specialist who knows how to use the right tools for it.  

Data Security

Data security is a very important thing these days, especially if you own a business where you have to store information on servers. It’s no wonder that hackers are one of the most wanted people in the world. Data security is a crucial part of technology, and mishaps often lead to unwanted liabilities. You don’t want that which is why investing in an IT expert for your internal tech support is crucial. 


A CRM is a customer relationship management system. It is software that companies use to track their transactions with clients. It has many other uses, too. Some businesses use it to manage their operations. This software also helps every business when contacting clients and building lists. The purpose of CRM is to streamline communication with all clients and to improve business relationships.

CRMs are for keeping track of leads. It uses data to help salespeople understand the potential customers better. You can use a CRM to track your marketing campaigns and even the customers who come in and make purchases. Customer information in CRMs is helpful when setting up follow-up campaigns to help close sales.


The interface is a surface where two things meet. It’s a connection between any two things that interact with each other. When it comes to computers, an interface refers to a connection between the user and the computer. When you are making a computer program, you need to think about how the user will interact with the program. The interface is the space that separates the user and the computer. Thus, its design needs to be in a way that is easy to understand and use.

Advantages of Outsourced Tech Support

You Get Trustworthy Service Providers

Outsourcing your tech support from a well-vetted BPO partner also means opening yourself to proven and tested resources. These IT talents have already gone through extensive training and experience. Additionally, these service providers already have all the tools needed to get the work done. 

You Can Optimize Your Human Resources

Your IT team which makes your digital products like apps and software will be more productive if you have a separate outsourced tech support team to handle business operation needs. Additionally, making your current team pivot all the time would make them lose their focus or catch a burnout. Get the best out of your team by expanding your resources. 

More Growth and Fewer Liabilities

Doing something that’s not on your forte all by yourself will only cause your stress and will affect your productivity. Not only that, but you might also encounter glitches in the process that will jeopardize your security and resources. By outsourcing your tech support instead, you become more effective in your business. More importantly, you steer clear of unwanted expenses. 

How to Outsource Your Tech Support

Outsourcing becomes advantageous only if you have a reliable service provider. It is easy for agencies to claim now that they are legit. However, it takes more than a well-designed website to prove this. The good news is that you can source a list of well-vetted Business Process Outsourcing service providers from an excellent outsourcing marketplace. These outsourcing companies have undergone background checks and verification, making it easier for you to choose the provider that understands your business needs. 


The digital age is upon everyone, and new technologies are developed and implemented every year. This gives several opportunities for businesses of all kinds. You have seen brick-and-mortar stores get a digital makeover and ultimately end up with success. Through outsourcing tech support services from the right BPO partner, your business becomes next in the line of success, with a slot reserved. 



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