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All About Outsourcing Digital Marketing and Content

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Before, companies could only outsource building maintenance and utility personnel. For marketing activities, companies outsourced from an onshore marketing agency or hire in-house to get desired outputs. Both these options were costly that only a few can get leverage from. Today, organizations stay on top by knowing all about outsourcing digital marketing and content. They entrust their basic and even technical business operations to offshore BPO centers, and some of these most technical functions they can’t miss are content creation and digital marketing. Thus, to enlighten you, this article will be all about outsourcing digital marketing and content services for business productivity and effectiveness.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

BPO is part of the broader outsourcing trend that has increased over the last two decades. Since this is one of the fastest-growing forms of outsourcing, businesses must understand exactly what BPO is and how it works. Business process outsourcing is a business management model that involves giving certain business processes to a third party. 

While outsourcing is typically used for administrative tasks, it’s now being used for important and high-level tasks as well. These tasks can be anything from customer service to digital marketing campaigns.  

Why You Need to Outsource Digital Marketing and Content Now

Digital marketing strategy and content are crucial to every business because an online presence will be your best way to attract customers in this age. Indeed, outsourcing these functions also come with many pros. The best thing about outsourcing these functions is you spend less on operations but also get exceptional results. Once you find the right BPO company that will provide you with these critical strategies, you can expect exceptional growth in customers and sales. 

These third-party outsourcing companies are located offshore, in countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. Since your human resources will be from a country with a lower cost of living, this means services will also cost less. Regardless of the practical expenses that come with it, you still get talents with top-grade work ethics. All you have to do is access these potential BPO partners from an excellent outsourcing marketplace. 

You may bid farewell to your procrastination about outsourcing now. The BPO service providers listed in a trusted outsourcing marketplace are all well-vetted. Thus, this will be a perfect step to ensure you won’t end up with a non-legit or incompetent BPO partner. 

How to Outsource Digital Marketing and Content

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In this section, you will get step-by-step details on how to outsource digital marketing and content the right way. 

Determine Your Priority Marketing Platforms

The cloud is the limit when it comes to your marketing platform options. Digital marketing can be done through search engines, social media, podcasts, youtube, email, and effective marketing funnels. 

Here’s a simple run-through of the things you need to consider about your business and market when choosing a marketing platform. 

About your business:

Your Present Business Platforms

If you are running an online store through business websites such as Shopify and WordPress, you can get the best out of these platforms with SEO content marketing. SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that uses top rankings on search engines to get more website traffic. 

You can begin by outsourcing a website developer, and an SEO content writer. Your website developer will handle and maintain your website layout. He can also assist you with product listings and integrations that can help with your rankings. Your SEO content writer, on the other hand, will regularly create optimized blog posts on your website. These content pieces will improve your rankings on Google Search or Bing. As long as you have an active website, whether you’re offering digital products or professional services, you can make use of this strategy. 

If your business is established in social media, or e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, there are many social media platforms to choose from for marketing. Nevertheless, you will still attract a large audience on social media as you do in search engines. For social media, you can start with a social media marketing specialist. This type of marketing expert will create regular content for your page through Canva. He will also engage with your audience and people from similar or related industries. He will also create effective paid social media ads for you as you wish.

About your target market:


Each social media channel attracts different age groups for many factors like features, convenience, and complexity of the user interface. Instagram has more users from Gen Z and Millennials age groups. Instagram is also designed as more visual, its feed features an aesthetic appeal of the photo grid. With Statista’s report, this platform will be conducive for businesses marketing their products to an audience of ages 25 to 34 years old.  

Facebook, on the other hand, is an effective platform for a target audience older than Gen Z. The average Facebook user in the US was 40.5, as shared in Chron, and many of its users were from ages 35 to 54. 


Email marketing is for a more formal target audience. This means that they could be business executives, managers, and entrepreneurs in the B2B market. This platform also has a professional approach. It is a conducive channel if you sell digital products, supply products, or target corporate accounts. 

Set Allocated Outsourcing Funds

The next step is setting a budget for this business goal. Knowing your budget early on will help the marketplace refer to you which human resources are best suited for your rates and desired outputs. 

Reach Out to an Outsourcing Marketplace

An outsourcing marketplace will provide you with quotes and will assist you with all your inquiries. A trusted outsourcing marketplace has a list of operating offshore BPO centers which have gone through background checks and verifications. Thus, this step will lead you to a list of competent digital marketing and content providers. 

Get to Know Your Shortlisted Companies More

Lastly, once you have finally created a shortlist of your best options, you can always see their performances for yourself. Ask them about their other digital marketing and content projects, and see for yourself how these brands are doing. 


With the constantly evolving business climate, one can always depend on digital content creation and marketing. Whether you’re a startup or simply an entity struggling to generate leads, knowing all about outsourcing digital marketing and content is a promising step for your business. Offshore outsourcing always comes with outstanding benefits when done right. Finalize the outputs you want to achieve, set a rate, and inquire from an outsourcing marketplace to get the best options. With the right BPO company to partner with, you free up your time and focus on planning more growth strategies for your business. The end goal of all this is to help you increase your productivity and focus on the activities that will make your business the most profitable.



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