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How to Choose the Right BPO Company

learning how to choose the right company involves considering the right infrastructures you need for your business function

Outsourcing is a business model and a management strategy applied by many successful business organizations today. As featured in Fortunly, 78% of the businesses globally positively rely on their outsourcing partners. You partner with a BPO provider, and they do the human resource management for you. With this strategy, you let someone else do the work that your company needs such as marketing and sales efforts, or the maintenance of your website. To get the high-quality outputs that will make your business, you need to know how to choose the right BPO company.  

Business Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right BPO Company

To easily decide later on which BPO company on your shortlist is the most suitable for your business needs, there are factors you need to consider. The reputation of an outsourcing company is crucial but not enough when choosing the right service provider for you. Determining the standard requirements that fit your company culture and business plan should not be missed. Don’t worry, there are plenty of trusted BPO partners to choose from. You can access them conveniently through an excellent outsourcing marketplace

Moving forward, the factors below will help you invest your trust and hard-earned money seamlessly into the right BPO provider.

The Job Roles You Need

List down the job roles you want to fill starting from your top priority down to the least. This list will serve as your basis when shortlisting companies from the BPO sector. Can they provide you with the outsourcing services you need to keep going? How many services can you get from them? You will no longer have a hard time looking for other partners in the BPO industry if they have a wide range of services available to sustain your daily operations.  

Managing several service providers all at once can be challenging, especially when you are still starting and testing the waters.

The Level of Expertise You Require

Ask your options what job levels they usually supply to their clients. Do they have lineups with extensive job experiences? If you are looking for IT professionals that create programs, software, and applications for your products, consider the expertise of the talents. Any product-related jobs must be handled by globally competent professionals, without a doubt. 

Service-related talents such as call center agents and virtual assistants are trainable. Ask the BPO company about its training processes, lengths, and programs. You can always hire entry-level agents as long as the work effectiveness is achievable through training.

The Volume of Talents

bpo company with small to medium workforce size

Jotting down the number of agents or employees you need will determine which outsourcing company size you should consider. There are high-quality BPO contact centers that specialize in handling small to medium enterprises. Some companies also accommodate large corporations. 

Daily Operations

From customer service to app development, your daily activities are all dependent on digital tools and technology. Establish each job specification and see if your third-party workforce provider options have the latest technology. Check if they have the advanced tools for smooth communication and other daily transactions.


Your data security is just as paramount as your workforce. Therefore, always assess what level of security measures you want to apply to your day-to-day transactions. Fintech and retail companies handle valuable information all the time. This includes customer information and credit card details. Sensitive information must have advanced security systems. Failure to do so may result in affected customer transactions, or worse, liabilities. 

Your Allocated Outsourcing Funds

Last but not least, establish an estimated amount for your resources expansion and stick to it. Share your business goals, workforce needs, and budget with service providers even before they go into details. 

The clarity of your allocated funds for this will open doors for negotiation.

How to Choose the Right BPO Company

Now that you already have set standards and expectations for your desired workforce, you are closer to choosing the right outsourcing service provider. If the company you are eyeing has all the qualities below, you’re on the right track.

It Provides Outstanding Communication and Negotiation

There’s no point in moving forward with an unresponsive company since there should be effective communication before the negotiation. If the BPO company can initiate an interesting negotiation, it’s a good sign. They should be able to distinctly walk you through their services, offers, packages, and contract lengths.

It is Scalable

You will know a company is scalable if it grew substantially over the years. This means that their systems and processes are working well for them, and their expansion is because of the high-quality services they put forward to clients.

A scalable outsourcing company will be of your advantage because it can constantly supply well-vetted talents as your business grows. On the other hand, the change of BPO partner in the future will cost you another pile of research and risks.

It Incorporates Digital Transformation

A technology-informed company is always one step ahead of the game because digital transformation puts your services, security, and operations to a whole new level. Digital leverage makes your team more productive and effective, it also increases employee and customer retention and satisfaction. 

Ask how they adapt to digital transformation and what tools and training they implement.

It Has Excellent Industry Performance

Always ask about the quantity and longevity of the company’s previous and current clients. How many companies are they serving at the moment? What industries are they in? Do they have similar operations as yours? 

Moreover, check if they have high customer retention. You can dig deeper by asking their previous or current clients how they are as BPO service providers.

It Gives a Reasonable Offer

After careful research and consideration, if the outsourcing company can contribute significantly to your business, then you have a partner.


Now that you already know how to choose the right BPO company, getting an outsourcing partner will be the best investment you’ll ever make. It is important to find a service provider that will work with you and provide you with the information and support that you need. To sum it all up, the right outsourcing partner will meet your expectations and introduce you to the necessary processes to succeed with outsourcing. 



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