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Content Specialist Outsourcing and Benefits

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Whether it is a youtube channel or a professional website that you want to boost, an outstanding content specialist is an asset that will make your audience grow. Content marketing has always been effective. This is why almost 80 percent of the B2B organizations depended on it last 2021, as featured in the Content Marketing Institute. If you are having doubts as this may not be your priority now, or the budget is just tight, there’s an effective move than hiring in-house. In fact, this is what a modern business does to hack its growth. For startups and organizations that want to expand or revamp their marketing strategies, content specialist outsourcing is a smart move to take. 

What is a Content Specialist?

A content specialist is a person who regularly creates content for websites and marketing campaigns. They take information, usually in written form, and turn it into a format that can be easily understood and consumed by the target audience. With their deep understanding of the target audience’s preferences, they would know the best topics to outline. They also stay updated about the trends that are happening in those industries, and they remain insightful to their audience by educating them. 

As they develop an engaging content strategy, they will also analyze and evaluate the content that is already being produced. They will then provide suggestions that will help to improve upon the existing pieces. Lastly, they work with marketing teams and other professionals to create successful content.

Regardless of the marketing platform where your pieces of content are posted, an effective content specialist will visualize each content in advance and make it happen. If for example, you wish to start a podcast on Youtube about finance and technology, then your content experts will plan out and prepare a content calendar, and delegate the necessary tasks. These tasks will include voiceover, video editing and graphics, and subtitling in some instances. His main goal is to achieve high-quality content that is both informative and engaging. 

Outsourcing Your Content Specialist

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Understandably, sometimes doubts can get in the way of you finally outsourcing your content specialist. The good thing is when you source your potential BPO partner from an outsourcing marketplace, you’ll earn the confidence that you are looking at a well-vetted list that has undergone background checks and verifications. If credibility is one of your worries, then it’s solved. 

Moving forward, here are also some specifications that you need to prepare so you can attract the right content specialist for you:

  • Preferred educational background
  • Preferred work experience
  • Skills required
  • Job responsibilities
  • Indication of the platforms to be used

The most effective content specialists are those that can plot content for your every marketing campaign regardless of the media used. To give you an idea, here are some of the common marketing platforms your content specialist can work on: 

  • Social media posts
  • Email announcements, newsletters, and promotions
  • Optimized website blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Popup pages
  • Video
  • Podcast

If you are dealing with many platforms that need consistent content, your content specialist doesn’t need to do all the work from writing to making the subtitles. He can delegate these tasks to the other team players and just focus on quality assurance and control instead. However, he can always pivot when necessary.

Content Specialist Outsourcing Benefits

Here are more reasons why you should outsource a content specialist now.


If you are running a blog and your content creator can consistently produce quality content, you will only need your website and your content expert. Therefore, your estimated annual cost for outsourcing your content creation would only be 64,800 USD, as sourced from Budgeting Blogger. Whereas, when you hire an in-house content specialist, you could spend up to 80,000 USD yearly as per Zippia. 

Depending on your marketing timeline and goals, you can always hire a Search Engine Optimization or SEO specialist later on to improve the optimization of your website content. Always choose the content creator who is knowledgeable about SEO, and back the content up with a reliable SEO plugin

Aside from the lower content specialist cost, you can also save from the other relevant tools necessary for the tasks. 

High-Quality Output from an Experienced Content Specialist

Since offshore outsourcing gives you the privilege to widen your talent options, your BPO partner can easily pair you up with an experienced and effective content creator. BPO contact centers operate in countries where employees are well-versed in English. Most BPO talents also value education and have outstanding work ethics. 

In hindsight, you get your quality output earlier with offshore outsourcing compared to hiring in-house or from an onshore digital marketing agency.

Improved Productivity

BPO centers give strict deadlines which is why you will expect punctual results from their talents. The more pieces of SEO content you have, the more likely your website ranks higher on Google’s search engine. A well-optimized website gains more organic visitors which means you get productive with your lead generation too. 

Room for More Creativity

If you have a content creator who can plot a content calendar, knows how to use Canva and edit videos, and create content on time, then you can start with your video content. Even without a voiceover and subtitle, it will still be a good start, and your brand will give a creative impression to the audience. 

With blog content, your versatile content specialist will be able to adapt to different tones for each topic. Not only that, but you can also leverage BPO’s creative tools for writing. On your end, you can get more creative with your digital marketing strategies by using your blogs for inbound marketing, or as a part of your marketing funnel.    

Fresh and Up-to-Date Content

Keeping an outsourced content specialist will mean that you will always get the most updated content published on your platform. At the same time, you do not break the bank while staying relevant and consistent.

Improved SEO

Consistent SEO content will always improve your optimization score. Giving out valuable well-optimized content to the search engine will also set you more domain authority. After all, Google’s search engine prioritizes websites with high domain authority scores.   


To top it all off, outsourcing your content specialist is the most advanced way you can create excellent brand awareness and identity through valuable content. As long as you have chosen the right BPO service provider from a trusted outsourcing marketplace, you will get the substantial progress you deserve. 



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