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Multichannel Customer Service (Voice, Email, Chat and Social Media)

Did you know that companies that offer superior customer service across all channels of support have a leverage to get ahead of the competition? However, not every business has a dedicated team for customer service and that’s where our outsourcing marketplace comes in. The Lead Enquiry opens the gateway for you to find the right service provider that fits your strategic goals and values.

Lead Generation Services

Hunting for targeted leads in the modern market is no easy feat. It takes time, resources, and effort, all of which can go wasted if you don’t use the right approach. Our industry partner -leading experts deploy innovative tactics to manage targeted campaigns that attract a filtered crowd, track down likely to convert leads, and leverage the right marketing skills to make sure your business is supplied with a worthy list of leads to increase business potential.

Quality Assurance Services

For your business to thrive, it must stay at the top of the game, offering superior quality products that stand out among its competition. Even the most dedicated employees can make mistakes sometimes. Be it during manufacturing or any other step in the supply chain process, even a slight dip in productivity can plunge your success. This is easily avoidable, using our platform you will meet your partner that provides quality assurance solutions to help you maintain high standards at every step of the way so that the results are top-notch.

Data Entry Services

No matter which industry you operate in, paperwork, workflows, and documentation are unavoidable. You need accurate data to run your company, regardless of its scope and it is incredibly important that the relevant information must be arranged within simple and easy to interpret formats. At The Lead Enquiry, you will partner with providers that can take the grunt work off your shoulders and allow you greater peace of mind. Your success partner in this domain assures quality services by adhering to your specific instructions. This way, you’re able to focus on more demanding tasks at hand without worrying about the rest.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Are you a business owner or an executive struggling to keep track of your professional schedule and commitment? Perhaps you can’t keep up with upcoming appointments or always forget to arrange for important business meetings and commitments. If yes, then having our virtual administrative assistant in your corner is just what you need. The virtual assistants work remotely and take care of all the important tasks you don’t have time for. Whether it’s setting up a schedule for appointments or managing your company’s email account, we’ve got you covered.

Listing Services

Don’t pay thousands just for basic listing work of your website. This service is especially suited to all types of companies, regardless of their nature of operations. Listing is one of those things that must be catered to without delay, however, expanding your already busy staff on it is never a good idea. Thus, a reliable outsourcing partner through the Lead Enquiry is exactly what you need. We will point you into the right direction to provide you with listing services requirements.

Telemarketing Services

A great business with even better products needs a stellar telemarketing strategy to supply its sales funnel with the right leads. We will connect you with the leading telemarketing service providers to ensure highly streamlined solutions built on resilient tactics and expertise are provided.

Bookkeeping / Accounting Services

Keeping track of the financial side of your business is critical to overall business success. From accounts receivables to payables, there’s a lot more to it than just a bunch of numbers on the screen. Smart entrepreneurs always hire coveted professionals for the job and the Lead Enquiry is undeniably the right choice to connect with the right partner! Your success partner has an impeccable team of trained bookkeepers to maintain your financial front through guided skills, innovative technologies, and more.

Debt Collection Specialists

Debt collection is a time-consuming process, and outsourcing it to a collection agency means you’ll lose a big chunk of the debt in costs. Debt collection specialists are responsible for resolving 30 to 90 days past-due accounts. To resolve overdue payments and establish the cause of the outstanding debt, locate debtors and contact them by phone or letter. This procedure takes a long time, it’s expensive, tedious, and distracting to handle in-house. Have the best of both worlds by outsourcing collections to an offshore team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing the employee selection process has been shown to streamline the company’s current recruitment systems as well as expedite access to talent Having the right people on board is the key for any business to achieve its maximum efficiency and productivity. Particularly, it includes selecting candidates who are well-suited to the firm’s objectives and goals. Outsourcing your Recruitment Process can help you transform your hiring process, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

Technical Support

Technical support ensures your company’s technology allows it to stay productive and reap the benefits- improved productivity, product quality and cost-saving. As your company grows and more customers come on board, you’ll need to provide more technical support. Having an in-house support team can be extremely expensive and difficult to manage, however when you outsource, you save a significant amount of money on employee costs, office space costs, and manufacturing costs.

Transcription Specialist

By outsourcing a transcription specialist, those who are in charge of transcription can focus on responsibilities that are more profitable. Transcription specialist is a time-consuming job that necessitates close attention to detail. If you outsource a transcription specialist, it allows a company to produce high-quality transcripts on time and at a lower cost while remaining focused on its core competencies. Transcription service providers hire trained transcriptionists who are professionals with expertise in the field of transcription.

Medical Billing Specialist

Enhance your income and relieve you of the hassle of medical claims processing through Outsource medical billing specialist Outsourcing medical billing to skilled specialists can ensure that the entire process of retrieving insurance benefits is handled. This ensures that you are paid for the services you provide on time, every time. By eliminating the need for in-house employees, you will not only boost your productivity and optimize the time you have to treat patients, but you will also raise your income while minimizing your overhead expenditures.

Inbound Sales Order Taking

By enabling your sales volume to fluctuate even at the busiest times, an incoming order processing workforce allows you and your company to thrive. When a company’s sales volume gets too high to handle on its own, consider partnering with an offshore company to handle inbound sales order taking. A team of experienced, qualified agents is employed to take your sales calls, process orders, and provide dependable customer support. They are trained on the nuances of your product or service.

Content Specialist

You have more time to focus on strategy, ideation, marketing, and experimentation when you outsource content development. It also results in a higher content marketing return on investment! Outsourcing content creation to a content specialist might be a very cost-effective option.

Content Moderator

Content moderators evaluate user-generated content such as text, images, video, audio, and metadata to aid organisations’ online appearance. Moderators enforce community policies in order to protect the online visibility of organisations and create a safer end-user experience.

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing initiatives that promote a company’s brand, products, and services are planned and managed by digital marketing managers. A digital marketing manager assists clients in achieving their company objectives through a transparent and results-oriented working strategy. Outsourcing digital marketing guarantees a cost-effective and cutting-edge strategy.

SEO Specialists

When you outsource SEO, you hire a third party to handle some or all of your company’s SEO needs. When you engage an experienced SEO firm that focuses solely on SEO, you instantly increase your bandwidth and have access to their knowledge.

Paid Media Specialist

Paid Media Specialists are in charge of managing paid digital marketing activities for both B2B and B2C businesses, which may include paid search, display, and social advertising methods. Paid Media Specialists help businesses grow and prosper on the internet.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers create visual designs that inspire, inform, and engage clients using computer software or their hands. Advertisements, brochures, periodicals, and reports, among other things, have their general layout and production design created by them. In a number of situations, many CEOs would rather outsource work to a creative process outsourcing provider than manage it themselves. As a result, the design process has never been more efficient, cost-effective, or dependable.

Digital Marketing Specialist

With the help of a digital marketing specialist, you can cast a wide net and reach out to customers across different platforms, resulting in a positive return on investment. A Digital Marketing Specialist assists in the maintenance of a brand through marketing efforts. Market research, brainstorming with other marketing experts, and developing materials to aid in the success of marketing initiatives are among their responsibilities. Digital marketers understand how to win over your target audience’s hearts. Outsource your web marketing to a professional team.

Social Media Management

Outsource social media management, you will not only be guaranteed a professional who understands the intricacies of social media, but you get to save time and money. There’s no exact science to getting your social media profiles where they need to be, relying on a third-party company to market your products and services is one of the most effective ways to move your small or medium-sized business forward. Although it is possible to manage your own social media as well as your business, it is likely that you will end up spending more money and time than it’s worth. This is why outsourcing makes sense.

Software Development

Acquire top-quality personnel from developing countries like the Philippines for a fraction of the cost by outsourcing your software development team! Software development services can include everything from creating unique software for your company to creating commercial software for your clients. When you outsource, you’re not limited by geography when looking for talent. Working with a wide range of clients has given the majority of the offshore team’s technical knowledge.

Web Developer

Every company needs fast digitization of society. However, not only is it necessary to have an existing website, but it is also necessary to have one that is of high quality in terms of design, content, and backend technology. When you outsource web development, they can look at your company and products/services as if they were a real consumer, and ask the same questions.


Build Operate Transfer (B-O-T), allows organisations to set up their own operations and carry out their activities with the support of an offshore company. Our team will provide you guidance and connect you with the right industry partner to carry out your Build-Operate-Transfer strategy. Find your business partner to set up your team of the future.

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