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The LEAD Enquiry - Outsourcing Marketplace

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Our Mission

To help business economies across all industries build a resilient future through best-in-class outsourcing marketplace.

Our Mission

To help business economies across all industries build a resilient future through best-in-class outsourcing marketplace.

Brand’s Story

Emily Brocoy


The outsourcing landscape has dramatically shifted due to the technological disruptions forcing the outsourcers and providers to pivot their strategies to maintain data security and have reliable and transparent operations, whether nearshore or offshore. Leveraging today’s digital transformation, Emily founded The Lead Enquiry, a one-stop outsourcing business platform connecting outsourcers with the right BPO service providers to build a resilient and future-proof business together.

Emily is a passionate creator and a thought leader. Her years of combined experience in business development, operations, training, and client services management in Business Process Outsourcing gave her a greater understanding of the industry. She finished her MBA at RMIT University, exponentially expanding her business skills and knowledge.

Who We Are

The Lead Enquiry is an outsourcing exchange platform connecting businesses to the right service providers. We are led by experienced professionals with perpetual commitment to the client’s satisfaction. Our company continues to offer unparalleled solutions to a long list of clients. We are trusted as a reliable authority in the industry known for conquering remote excellence in stride.

What We Do

By bridging the gap between businesses and talented specialists, we enable you to scale your company without traditional formats of employment. Safe to say, we are much more than your average run-of-the-mill outsourcing marketplace. There are zero surface solutions at play, you can rely on exceptional solutions driven by innovation, quality, and skilled talents of your success partners.

Who Benefits From Us

The Lead Enquiry serves a wide range of businesses across diverse industries. Our goal is to assist client organizations to save more money, focus on important tasks and rid themselves of unnecessary grunt work. We work diligently to connect you with the right success partner with your preferred offshore location, so that the results you reap are bound to be on par with the efforts of your core team.

Choosing Our Industry BPO Partners

We verify the legitimacy of the existence of our accredited industry partners to ensure their operations are established, trusted and reliable to meet and deliver your long term objectives in outsourcing a part of your business. That is our responsibility to you, to meet your trusted and successful strategic business partner.

Our Values


We maintain maximum integrity when dealing with the client, regardless of the complexities of service. Rest assured, there are never any exaggerated claims involved. Rather, we always live up to the promises we make!


We strive to do justice to the faith you put in us! Verily, all our services are rich with end-to-end transparency.


We recognize our duty to the client whereby our services are based on commitment, trust, and customer satisfaction.

Let’s connect you to the right BPO service provider offshore and reap the following benefits:

The LEAD Enquiry - BPO Outsourcing

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