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Why New Facilities Outsource Their Billing

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Coding errors, fines, and more serious liabilities are only some of the horrors every new healthcare facility is concerned with. The Medical Billing Advocates of America shared that up to 80% of medical bills would have errors in them. This estimate invites chaos inside the hospital or health facility. It’s no wonder why new facilities outsource their billing. With that said, in this article, you will find out why outsourcing medical coding and billing process is one of the wisest moves you can make for your organization.

What is Outsourced Billing?

Outsourced billing services can be used for many different things, including helping you with things like insurance credentialing and payment processing. This allows your staff to put more focus on more urgent office work. Billing is indeed a time-consuming and stressful job the company can never skip. The good news is that it’s now easy for small businesses to outsource this to a company that can do it for them. With digital transformation, the cloud is the limit for you in acquiring options for your billing partner. 

Outsourced billing is used by companies of all sizes. When you choose a company to do your billing for you, you have to be sure that they are a reputable firm. You have to do your homework and find out if they are stable and how they handle their client’s accounts. The fact of the matter is that there are so many options out there to outsource your billing from, and it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one. To help you make the right Business Process Outsourcing partner, below is a quick guide to help you find the right outsourced billing solution for your business.

How to Outsource Your Medical Billing

When you need to improve your business, a common strategy is to hire employees. However, this can be a challenge if you are a small business or just starting. Especially if you are in a country where it is difficult to hire qualified people. Outsourcing is always a great strategy for companies who want to increase their profits and reduce their costs at the same time. These tasks usually pertain to information technology or manufacturing. Since medical billing can be done electronically, you can achieve the best results despite the distance. Communication will not get in the way of you and your Business Process Outsourcing partner’s productivity. 

To outsource only from the well-vetted and legitimate BPO centers, easily source them from an excellent outsourcing marketplace. By doing so, you can have a long list of options, and connect seamlessly with BPO companies that can cater to your business needs. 

Onshore and Offshore Outsourcing

The cloud is the limit when it comes to the flexibility outsourcing offers. This is because you can choose either to outsource to onshore or offshore companies. If you prefer to delegate tasks to service providers that are just within your country, you can do so with onshore outsourcing. You can still save costs because hiring and keeping employees require more investment compared to just buying results. This is a long-term and delicate task. Thus, you will also have to weigh if you can maintain outsourcing this function onshore for a long time. You might want to consider it more practical to outsource offshore since professionals in other countries are also well-trained, experienced, and have the best work ethics. 

When you outsource offshore, you will have an unlimited pool of talents from skilled nursing graduates to experienced accounting professionals. With the offshore contact centers’ quality control processes, offshore teams can deliver the high-quality results you want. Your outsourcing expenses would be way lower than the onshore, this is because the professionals who are working on your outputs live in countries with a lower cost of living. Furthermore, offshore companies would only require lesser fees than the onshore companies.  

Reasons Why New Facilities Outsource Their Billing

Smooth Operations in Terms of Government Regulations

Do the constantly changing regulations give you and your employees the blues? Changing processes and revamping everyone’s workflow can be daunting. This is especially if you are not equipped with the right IT infrastructure that can make every workflow easily achievable. The experts in offshore countries are used to the high demands of the clients. Meeting your business needs will be their priority. This means that they will optimize every technology they have to make every implementation possible. 

Increased Office Productivity

Your employees can finally focus on less complicated repetitive tasks. Do they always get rampant coding errors? Those maybe because of the lack of quality control inside the office. With outsourcing, BPO companies have all the Quality Control experts in place. 

The more engaged and satisfied staff you have, the better your employee retention rate and productivity.

Accurate Coding and Insurance Credentialing

The quality assurance experts of the offshore BPO companies won’t miss the correct values. They have all the processes to polish every output. With insurance credentialing, healthcare billing experts will do the insurance verification for you, using every software they have to check accurate data.

Timely Claims for Financial Growth

Offshore companies value time which is why they keep strict deadlines. You won’t have to worry about unprepared bills and disappointed payors anymore. Plus, you’ll achieve a more promising cash flow because of this. 

Updated Technology

A billing technology is a type of software that is designed to help businesses with their billing, and there are different billing technologies for different needs. The software is used to create invoices, send them, track payments, and keep detailed accounts. Many billing companies use software like this because it is much easier than the traditional way of doing things. It saves a lot of time and effort, making it possible to grow a business much faster than normal. 

Just like any other technology, these types of software are fast-evolving. You’ll always need an upgrade to keep up, and outsourcing partners offshore are always in with the new technology.

Better Patient-Provider Relationship

Giving your patients’ families smooth credentialing and billing transactions would mean a lot to them in their difficult times. They will appreciate you more and you can keep your company away from bad impressions when you delegate complex repetitive tasks to proven and tested experts in billing. 


Last but not least, it is cost-efficient because you only pay for the result and not the hourly wage. This means that you only get to pay your offshore partner back once they have provided the billing for the patient. You earn just right after you have paid for the outsourced output. You also get to leverage the different billing technologies your BPO partner adapts. 


There are more pros than cons when delegating your billing functions to a trusted third party, which is why new facilities outsource their billing. Healthcare facilities outsource their billing because it is now convenient to do so with the rise of technology. It is wiser to pay per output instead of hours your employee spent. Alongside cost-efficiency and practicality are the productivity of your employees, and the happiness of your patients. To make the best use of billing outsourcing, partner with a competent, tech-savvy BPO company that comprises experienced and smart veterans in the field. 



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