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Outsourcing the Right QA SpecialistTesting the quality of your product or servicOutsourcing the Right QA Specialist

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Providing poor quality products and services to your customers will not only demand you costs for rework. The worst consequence would be leaving a disappointing impression on the public that will cause your thorough downfall. For long-term success, outsourcing the right QA or Quality Assurance specialist early on is always the smarter move. 

What is Quality Assurance?

According to The Balance Small Business, QA or quality assurance is the process of making sure you meet all your quality requirements for your business. QA involves planning and performing the procedures and processes to produce your desired high-quality output. Since this takes a lot of time and work, you get the best results when you have a quality assurance specialist. 

However, you might also think that getting a quality assurance expert is like finding a needle in a haystack. An effective one must have extensive knowledge and experience handling quality management. By getting quality assurance experts from a trusted outsourcing firm instead, you get the privilege of choosing from the competent options offshore. 

Common Industries That Outsource the Right QA

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Call centers

One of the most promising services in the outsourcing industry by far is the call center. Outsourced from the most accessible career-driven countries in the world, telesales and voice customer support processes are entrusted by the most prominent e-commerce companies to offshore BPO companies

The vital reason why 21st century rising companies outsource is the continuous quality maintenance and improvement of services they get. The right QA for your call center will adapt well to the constant digital transformation of the industry. He will make sure that every call goes through smoothly, with accessible escalation options through the help of integrated software. Smooth call-forwarding or conferencing is also ensured by a QA expert. Additionally, call recording with consent from the other line will be planned for quality review, and he will make sure that all databases are secure and accurate. 

After all, call center quality assurance is about securing support processes that create an outstanding reputation for each entity. This substantially supports the growth and expansion of call centers’ partners and investors.

Customer Service

Aside from calls, a customer service QA will set smooth processes with the application of omnichannel or multi-channel customer support. It still boils down to proper adaptation of tech products to ensure that the business and the customer have a smooth and productive experience. For the convenience and effectiveness of representatives, he will make the integration of databases happen. This will be necessary to connect with accurate third-party business partners or get precise updates about the orders’ whereabouts.

Customer service or after-sales support also offers its best quality through the following features:

  • Order cancellation
  • Order confirmation
  • Returns/exchanges
  • Refunds
  • Fulfillment
  • Shipment
  • Product and process knowledge of each customer service agent for an effective assistance

Thus, quality assurance experts in customer service plan out how to be convenient when offering these perks to increase customer retention. Moreover, he will ensure that customer service representatives will have thorough training about product and company knowledge, effective communication, and software usage.

IT Product Development

Software development startups and tech companies put their long-term success on top of the line by prioritizing thorough quality inspection and assurance of their digital products. Therefore, to avoid crashing apps or disappointing membership websites, product quality experts always have their solutions in place ten steps ahead. These quality assurance professionals are excellent in their specialized fields with long years of industry experience.

Financial Services

Organizations that rely and depend on accurate databases such as financial services prioritize getting the right QA specialists. This is because of the high risks that come with their everyday transactions. In fact, weak systems attract glitches and cybercriminals. Therefore, they apply tight security and verification through the most advanced and updated digital means. Low-quality processes on the entity’s end and leaked sensitive information will all be on their account. To avoid enraged clients or bankruptcy with multiple charges for the worst, quality assurance must be placed where the bucketload of data is concerned. 

Outsourcing the Right QA Specialist

Any business that aims for long-term success needs quality assurance services from trusted industry experts. From daily operations to the quality of your products and services, your quality assurance specialist will look upon the company as a whole, and ensure quality outputs from each department. To enlighten you more, below are the expected responsibilities of a quality assurance specialist.

Develops Quality Assurance Procedures Based on your Company’s Definition of Quality

Aside from getting your point of view about quality, your specialist will be resourceful enough to gather valuable information about your industry, competitors, and market. Studying how similar business models expanded despite challenges is his strength. Through this, he will be able to gather ideas on how to even improvise processes to stand out in the market.  

Creates Detailed Job Descriptions for Each Team Member

To carry out the necessary daily operations, your quality assurance specialist clearly states and documents clear job roles and responsibilities. He makes sure that every department will be in harmony with one another.

Makes Test Plans

Testing the quality of your product or service is crucial before your big launch. Your quality assurance specialist makes sure that these products or services won’t fail you on their grand debut. Therefore, he will carefully plan out periodic tests with a third-party team. An example is software quality testing for a new service. He will work on software testing outsourcing to have third-party experts genuinely observe and comment on the output.

Identifies Risks

Whether it’s a product or service, your quality assurance expert will be able to identify the risks that come with what you’re offering. He determines them early enough that your target launch date does not mess up. He will always have a backup plan for a backup plan. 

Collaborates With the Quality Control Team

He will work closely with the quality control team to ensure that quality is delivered and maintained. Moreover, overseeing quality control will give him insights on areas for improvement. 

Benefits of Outsourcing the Right QA

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In hindsight, quality assurance is a fundamental systematic process that reduces possible conflicts and keeps you away from serious liabilities. It rewards your company with constantly increasing revenue, and you’ll keep your team happy with your well-figured processes and their clear job roles. Expect confidence while you earn your customers’ trust once you have all the quality assurance services you need for your business. To wrap things up, outsourcing the right QA specialist from a well-vetted offshore BPO contact center will be a practical move that comes with well-earned benefits and rewards.



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