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How to Generate Leads With Paid Media

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Only last 2021, Google had global annual revenue of more than 200 billion US dollars from advertising alone, according to Statista. Companies are always looking forward to availing paid advertisements because they allow you to bring in more business without doing much work. Although paid media may sound quite promising, it still takes a lot of smarts to generate the leads you need. To get the best results from paid media advertisements, get acquainted with the different ways paid ads work and the right people who will execute them for you. This article will teach you the basics of how to generate leads with paid media, the right way.   

Best Paid Media for Generating Leads

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Although paid ads surely reach more people in an instant, your choice of advertising platform will still play a crucial role in attracting the most qualified leads. Make your ad campaigns worthwhile by choosing the most-suited platforms, and running them with the most effective digital sales and marketing professionals.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have enticed small to medium businesses with their paid advertisements. Facebook, now called Meta, developed a user-friendly business manager that will easily guide you in managing your ads. Its design is easy to follow, and the number of people you have reached through your paid advertisement will simply show just under your boosted post. You can also smoothly manage your Instagram ads through the Meta Business Suite. 

These three mentioned social networking platforms have very different target markets each. The majority of the Facebook users in the US are from ages 25 and above, while Instagram users are mostly from the Gen Z and millennials age groups. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is also dominated by people of ages 25 and above but is also a platform filled with professionals. This makes the platform a conducive place to run B2B advertising campaigns.

Social Media Ads

The success of your social media ads also relies on your choice of network and audience. You will reach qualified leads through these paid advertisements as long as you can set your target audience perfectly during your ads setup. Don’t take the risk of running your own ads, especially if you are investing a large sum for them. The best way to go about this is to get an experienced digital marketing specialist from an excellent outsourcing marketplace

Display Ads

Display ads are advertisements that you see on websites, apps, and youtube videos. Websites have banner advertisements that usually contain texts, images, audio, and sometimes images in motion. 

When you run banner ads, your brand will appear on websites. Costs depend on the total interactions your advertisement gets. You can use this chance to collect leads by routing people to your website once they click your ad. To make the best out of this campaign, also invest in an email popup on your website to entice visitors to subscribe to your email list. 

Video Ads

Video ads appear on Youtube videos with channels that pass Google Ad Sense requirements. This means that when your video advertisements appear on Youtube, you can reach the channel’s focused audience type for your brand awareness. Of course, calls to action are always present in Youtube advertisements. CTA’s give you the means to increase your website traffic and collect more leads. 

Full-screen Ads

If you want attention-grabbing brand exposure and you don’t mind paying more, full-screen ads are for you. This advertisement type pops up on a webpage just as soon as a site visitor clicks a URL or reaches the website. It fits a whole screen, perfect for some visual presentation.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Pay-per-click ads are ads you usually see on the very top of the google search results. These are the websites featured on top when you search for a related keyword. However, it takes more than running the ad to appear on the top results. A google ads specialist will be your asset to get the results you need. Also, your advertisement costs will be determined by the number of clicks you get on your ads. 

Google Shopping Ads

Ideal for those who run an online retail store, this ad appears also on the very top of the Google shopping section on the search results page. This ad would contain a product image, price, and online store name. 

Last but not least, you can also feature your promotion through a paid Gmail advertisement. With a compelling subject line, you will get a high success rate from your targeted audience. Make your Gmail promotions worth it by getting the right team for your campaign. For successful conversions, invest in an effective copywriter and email marketing specialist.  

How to Generate Leads With Paid Media Through BPO

Investing in an additional effective paid media specialist is always the better choice than running your own paid ads without getting anything in return. A paid media specialist with extensive years of experience is already familiar with how paid advertising works in and around search engines, apps, websites, and social media platforms. Get one that can run your ads regularly while also bringing more customers into your business. For practical purposes, outsourcing your paid media specialist is now highly doable. You’ll just need the right BPO partner that will meet all your business goals.

Responsibilities of an Effective Paid Media Specialist

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Plan Digital Marketing Funnel

An effective paid media expert will carefully lay out a plan for the entire advertising and sales conversion of the campaign. After studying your products, market, and competitors, he will create processes to attract leads through advertisements, and keep them on your web. After thoroughly developing a list of leads, your sales and marketing team can finally lay their best media marketing strategies to convert them into customers. 

An effective paid media specialist makes sure ads don’t only contribute to your exposure, but also your lead generation.

Prepare Ad Campaigns

Another quality of a great paid media specialist is the creativity to make visually appealing ads leading to satisfactory engagement. He will prepare a series of advertisements that fits into the sales funnel and drives more leads from it. 

Analyze Campaign KPI

Your media advertising expert will check the performance of each ad to know the factors that made the ads successful. In other words, he will keep producing better ads all the time with his entire analysis of your campaign KPI. 


Paid media advertising can dramatically improve your marketing and sales performance on top of your organic online exposure. Your every consumed content on search engines helps with your optimization rankings. 

However, don’t stop yourself from using paid advertisements to your advantage. You will only need to familiarize and practice how to generate leads with paid media effectively. Expect productive paid campaigns when you have a well-planned digital marketing funnel, and a high-quality paid media specialist with you.



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