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Top 5 Outsourcing Services Your Business Needs

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The technology-influenced business climate in this era is creating a growing pool of establishments and corporations without a doubt. Although many businesses succeed and have succeeded, the undeniable fact remains that more startups still fail. As featured in Lending Tree, only less than half of the startups reach their tenth year. Lack of investment in the human resource area is always a huge factor that draws organizations into falling through. Unlike fast-growing startups, those that lost their resources early on were not well-acquainted with outsourcing services. Organizations that invested in outsourcing knew all of its benefits. Thus, their BPO contracts were a crucial part of their expansions.

On top of the lower costs, you get unlimited access to any skills your business needs. Commercial conditions are also constantly changing. From brick and mortar setups, here goes the birth of eCommerce. Soon enough, outsourcing services from a third-party contact center will become the most practical action organizations can take. Those who incorporate business process outsourcing as early as now get the upper hand in the years to come.  

Top Outsourcing Services You Can Get For Your Business

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With all the strategic functions that make or break a business, you do not have to do them alone. Leave the repetitive, time-demanding, and unfamiliar tasks to the experts. Play with your strengths and outsource the rest. Listed below are the top 5 outsourcing services you can get from BPO partners. 

Customer Service

Don’t let your response time push your interested buyers away. After all, customer service has proved that a customer-centric approach can turn a garage business into the richest company in the world. 

Multichannel Customer Service

Along with innovative digital technology also comes the more improved approaches in customer service. Competent offshore call centers have all the necessary equipment, IT resources, and industry experts to feasibly operate. Hence, their multichannel customer support uses all-in-one software or interfaces that allow you to access the separate means of customer communication in just a single click. These channels are web calls, webchat, email, and social media.

Web Call

This channel is the most commonly introduced customer support service in call centers. Without a doubt, this is also the crowd’s favorite. People can directly call from your business website, and inquiries most likely convert into sales. With calls, persuasion becomes more effective compared to the other communication means. 

If you have a retail website, web call is the most ideal choice.  


A favorable choice for online coaches, professional service providers, and digital product sellers, email messaging can be integrated into your professional page. In hindsight, this also makes a conducive platform for business-to-business transactions. Business executives always do negotiations through email, and even million-dollar deals get closed here. 


You’re never too late for AI-powered chatbots. These newly-developed messengers are programmed with artificial intelligence, making them highly trainable. What’s more, you can manipulate these bots’ answers to certain questions, leaving your agents to accommodate and solve only the most complex customer concerns.  

Unlike the rarely used AI-powered chatbots, you may also avail yourself of the more commonly used web chat support. Webchat complements well with web calls, giving customers the convenience of choosing between the two communication platforms from your website.  

Social Media

Everyone is on social media which means your market is in it too. Increase your brand awareness and engagement through satisfactory social media customer support. An effective social media manager can not only contribute to your customer happiness, but he can also organically grow your online reach. After all, the old saying familiarity breeds contempt does not apply to business. It’s not how business psychology works. 

To give you an overview, here are the common concerns that customer service associates get from the inquirers or complainants.


  • Product details
  • Placing of orders
  • Product fulfillment
  • Product shipment
  • Order cancellations


  • Return and refunds
  • Repairs
  • Product demonstrations

Customer service is indeed a highly intricate and time-consuming function. Outsourcing your customer support is the best deal you can make. 

Digital Marketing Outsourcing Services

Constantly evolving along with media, modern marketing now deals with algorithms and automation. It demands a lot of time and effort but in the end hands substantial rewards. Hiring a well-vetted digital marketing specialist is always bang for the buck. Aside from getting organic reach, you also get more qualified leads from paid advertisements.

To give you an idea, here are the different types of digital marketing strategies used today: 

  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • content marketing
  • SEO
  • paid advertising
  • influencer marketing


Some sales pursuits are conveniently doable through personal emails, LinkedIn networking, and paid advertising if these are your strengths. However, at some point, you will be needing a helping hand, especially if you have a goal to reach.

Double your sales by outsourcing a sales assistant or agent. To enlighten you further, here are the daily activities your sales assistant can do for you:

  • listing
  • outbound sales calls
  • inbound sales calls
  • lead generation
  • sales funnels

Call centers also offer outbound sales, where agents specialize in calling potential customers from their list of leads. In hindsight, you may get a sales assistant with several tasks assigned per day, or a sales specialist for a specific sales pursuit.

Information Technology

Tech startups are on the rise, and the only way to go is to work with IT experts. BPO companies have highly skilled and experienced IT professionals who will make your creative and tech-savvy ideas happen. Additionally, outsourcing IT services will also help your business in adapting to digital transformation effectively and efficiently. Offshore IT developers have always exceeded clients’ expectations despite the distance.

Here are the IT services that you can outsource:

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • App development

Whether it’s a product or a business process development you want to achieve, the goal of making tech projects happen is to scale your business faster until you reach your breakthrough. 

Administrative Functions

Last but not least on this list, administrative functions always play an important role in keeping everything smooth in the business. Virtual assistants are in-demand in the BPO industry because they are the first outsourcing option that one-man company owners and startup entrepreneurs consider. Thus, getting an administrative assistant can be your first step in creating your whole outsourced team. 

Moving forward, another part of the administrative function is the data entry, a service that BPO contact centers also supply.

Small, medium, or large enterprises, there are just two main fundamentals that make companies rise in the world of eCommerce. These are other people’s money, and other people’s time. You have to start somewhere, and OPT or other people’s time is the most accessible. Through an excellent outsourcing marketplace, hiring promising A-Players from across the globe for your business becomes possible and effortless.



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