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Qualities of the Best IT Outsourcing Companies

Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of these IT-enabled benefits and solutions to incorporate into their business operations.

Since we are now navigating the landscape of a global, digital and hyper-connected world, information technology has imperatively become part of our day-to-day lives. Businesses of all sizes take advantage of these IT-enabled benefits and solutions to incorporate into their business operations, functions and processes. 

According to GrandViewResearch, the IT services market has an estimated CAGR of 8.4% and the IT Outsourcing market of 7.7%. On that basis, the IT services sector will also surge by around $1,070.28 billion by 2025, and the ITO market will receive a value of around $ 806.63 billion. 

With IT outsourcing companies, businesses can amplify their operational efficiency, making it possible for the organisation’s members to be more focused, highly productive, and effective. This, in turn, eventually leads to meeting the business goals and objectives. It’s no wonder why businesses often seek out outsourced companies that can offer them reputable IT support. 

However, not all outsourced IT companies are also equal in quality. And because a third service provider is an extension of your business, you really must select a pool of specialists you feel comfortable sharing business and trade secrets with and a dedicated team in line with your company goals, objectives and cultures, or else the project won’t progress.

That said, we will go over everything you need to know about IT outsourcing services, along with some tips on what best qualities to look for to hire the best IT outsourcing service companies.

Let’s dive in.

What does ‘outsourced IT company’ mean?

An outsourced IT company is an outside firm that uses its services to serve you as your business’s third-party partner. Whether it will be located onshore (within your country) or offshore (overseas), it is essentially an IT company that will handle any IT-centered operation you decide to assign to it. Hence, ensuring this development centre will be the right one for your business is important.

Moreover, an outsourced IT company will constantly add value to your business. Thus, an in-depth look at specific locations might help you get a clear view of potential outsourcing partners. 

Factors to Navigate Through a Sea of Possible Selections

Rest assured that once you consider these factors, it’s time to examine your potential outsourcing partner closely.

Specify a complete score of work

No matter the IT function you decide to outsource, make sure you have a precise idea of the scope of work. For instance, write a clear document highlighting the core operations you’d like to have transferred to a prospective outsourcing partner. 

Allocate a well-defined budget

Figure out how much budget you will allocate to your outsourced operations. On the other note, keep in mind that location matters. More precisely, if you go for an onshore partner, it would cost considerably more than if you turn to an offshore centre.

Market reputation

Aside from the scope of work and cost optimization, it is also vital to know who you are dealing with. Make sure your outsourcing partner has a good or even better reputation in the global market.

IT Solutions You Can Outsource

Most business outsourcing companies offer a wide range of IT services to companies across the globe. And these services, believe it or not, have made notable contributions to driving organizational growth. 

Here’s a compiled list of some of the IT outsourcing services you can hire to help you decide on the IT solutions that your business needs the most, 

Data Storage

Since one of the perks of IT outsourcing is not needing expensive software and equipment to implement IT-powered processes, it is easier to simply outsource data storage services to keep all your information securely. This, in turn, improves and strengthens computer storing space and data management.

Data Backup and Recovery

In most cases, a major system outage or issue can occur at any time of the day. And without an optimized and secure IT infrastructure, it would be impossible for you to stay ahead in your industry. Hence, it is salient that every business should have a disaster recovery plan available because the centre of your business operations, after all, is your IT network. 

Software Development

It is one strategy for promoting and allowing your business’s brand to be visible across the internet with just a click. It happens when your company’s software is maintained to do its purpose. 

Other critical tasks software development plays are identifying, classifying, documenting, designing, programming, testing, and bug fixing to establish and maintain applications and software components.

With software development, you can improve and innovate your communication with your consumers and be aware of their opinions on the products and services, leading to a higher customer engagement rate.

Web Development

Aside from software development, web development plays a significant role in promoting your business online by raising awareness of your products and services, interacting with your site visitors, and proving your credibility. Likewise, its services include a content management system, web management, and a custom WordPress web design. 

Web development can also transform your pages into mobile-responsive websites, not just improve your site, allowing you to attract more people to visit your site. So if you want to reap these benefits, don’t hesitate to outsource web development now to a trusted BPO provider. 

Mobile App Development

With a growing number of people accessing everything they need using their smartphones and tablets, business owners must take advantage of the opportunities that mobile app development can give. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to connect with and garner massive potential customers. 

Furthermore, integrating a mobile application for your company helps you increase the visibility and accessibility of your business and establish loyalty. It also renders your target audience interactive ways to get to know your brand.


Nowadays, most companies can fall prey to computer security threats and IT problems. But it’s good that with cybersecurity, you have the assurance that your computer, data, and network are protected from information disclosure, viruses, theft, malware, misdirection and cyberattacks.

Help Desk

Suppose your business is not operating 24/7. An outsourced helpdesk team can help you address customer concerns immediately, even after your office hours and troubleshoot complex IT issues. In addition, an efficient and good helpdesk boosts product and service quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Qualities of the Best IT Outsourcing Companies You Should Look Out For

Technology Expertise

When it comes to outsourcing IT company needs, it goes without question that the service provider must have a stellar reputation in handling technological tasks. On this front, business owners should select high-quality, solution-focused IT BPOs that they can always rely on.

Businesses can also factor in different time zones as they allow you to have around-the-clock support, mainly if your partner is in Europe. That way, a dedicated tech team will constantly monitor your system, ensuring everything is operating normally.

Staff Expertise

Your outsourced IT service partner should have the right talents to execute your requirements. Let’s say, for instance, when transferring your website to HubSpot COS, the web developers managing it should be HubSpot Design-certified and holders and must have also taken part in the same projects in the past. Considering these qualifications will not only be a foolproof way of improving your business’s overall efficiency but also means getting the job done right at the onset. 

Have Commendable Experiences

Apart from expertise, look closely at your potential service provider’s portfolios and testimonials on their website to identify if they have commendable experiences in your market and industry that will add value to your company’s growth and development. Never ever settle in choosing an outsourcing partner just for the sake of the cheapest offer. Always check out how they handled past projects and clients. 

Services and Solutions Offered

What IT services and solutions does your prospective partner offer? Is it multi-operational that encompasses and helps in your company’s different information and technological areas? Or just specialising in one specific type of service? Do they offer both onshoring or offshoring services? 

Some outsourced IT providers are more well-versed in specific processes than others, so ask your potential partner for the services they can provide. You will be delighted knowing that your business is in good hands if experienced IT experts and specialists handle them while applying the best practices, services and solutions for you. 

Commitment to Delivering Quality Output

One of the target goals of all product and service-oriented companies should always compromise on delivering quality output in any form. So, get an outsourcing partner with a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlining the scope of the work and the process flow, including a provision on Quality Assurance. 

Speaks Your Language and Can Communicate Clearly

Nothing is more chaotic to a collaborative effort than not communicating, as it engages both parties and keeps them aware of project updates. And even though outsourcing can be challenging, especially if both teams are in different countries, plus the language, culture, and time differences, the project’s success depends entirely on communication. 

Development problems, roadblocks and requirement changes can devastate a project if not communicated quickly and clearly, so choose an outsourcing partner that best understands your business goals and cultures, is easy to talk to and has no language barriers. 

With today’s tools and technologies, there’s also no reason for teams not to communicate. If you can’t schedule a face-to-face meeting, send an email, set up a chat room, make a phone call or utilise a web-based messaging tool. Whatever the communication means, keep collaborating, for it is the absolute key to successful transactions of the projects. 


Hire an Outsourced IT company that can work with your business structure, schedule & processes. They must complement your business to make the partnership easier for you. Make sure to examine the outsourcing model of your different prospects, communication options and time zone, and take into consideration how they all work together to fit your given requirements.

Reliable Customer Service

From online chatting with clients and consumers to handling tickets from website contact forms, an outsourced IT company must be able to handle a train of client requests. Ideally, reliable customer service will undoubtedly result in an efficient workflow. It will alleviate a significant burden on your shoulders, and you’ll find yourself being able to focus on your key responsibilities. At the same time, your outsourcing partner ensures they will promptly tend to your client’s requests.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a crucial driver of business growth and constant development. On that note, finding a development centre that will meet your demand for high-quality resources is beneficial. Companies are increasingly moving to a cloud-based environment, but the lack of resources is among the biggest challenges for businesses looking to move into the “cloud.”

Software Development Talent

In light of IT and software development being hot commodities in 2022, a well-equipped and fully-prepared team of experts could add tremendous value to your project. And since digital transformation is only possible with the help of IT specialists ready to digest any task for you, outsourced engineers, web technicians, network operators, and computer programmers will be a prime key to your company’s success.

Mobile Application Development

More and more businesses outsource their mobile application development as they expect to lower the development cost while staying focused on core activities in doing so. Hence, be sure to research the competencies of your potential outsourced IT service provider and find out if they have developed mobile applications in their former years. 


It is important to find a IT BPO vendor that provides the necessary services and has the right qualities for your company.

To wrap it up, your company must consider many factors and qualities in determining which IT BPO vendor best fits to do business with you. Hopefully, the items on this list above are enough to give you a head start and help guarantee a successful partnership in the long term.

And as you research BPO companies that outsource IT services, we invite you to add The Lead Enquiry to your top list. We design customizable, flexible, brand-boosting business outsourcing solutions for small, medium and large enterprise companies. We create the right mix of quality and value to fit your business IT solution needs. Contact us today. 



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