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7 Small Business Trends That Will Rise in 2022

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The global crisis made a plot twist for traditional businesses. This allowed them to thrive and even grow through digital marketing and digital transformation. Not only that but more feasible online business opportunities and ventures also popped up during the first years of the pandemic. There were millions of new businesses created last 2020 in the US alone. The digital age has just begun, bringing along more profitable business ideas. By the end of this blog post, the small business trends that will rise in 2022 will become clearer to you, for you to take action on each of them for your business growth and success. 

A flexible workforce means that your employees work when and where they prefer. They complete work outside of a traditional office setting and they can arrange their hours as they see fit. A long time ago, people used to dream about working from home. Today, this has become possible, and this year, more and more companies are shifting to this setup. Because of this, some people would choose to leave their current office jobs and work from home instead. When you adapt to this change and make use of advanced technology, you will attract the best workforce. Your business will then stand out promptly.

Project Freelancers Will Fill The Workforce

Freelancing is something that many people are beginning to seek out. The idea that you can work from home and whenever you want, project-based, is very attractive to professionals, creatives, and digital nomads across the globe. With that said, this new norm also allows you to hire freelancers that fit your business needs. This is the ideal move to make if you are needing something to get done for a short period but don’t want to go through an expensive employee hiring just yet. 

Digital Communication Tools Will Become A Necessity

Digital communication has become very popular, and it is now used daily by all ages. The frequency at which we use it has actually made a difference in how it has evolved. The digital communication of today is significantly different from the digital communication of years past. As the internet grew, newer forms of it were also created. 

Businesses are already adapting to the digital transformation and welcoming remote workforce with open arms. Alongside these, digital communication tools also leveled up. Video conferencing through web calls is now possible. This year, you will expect that no tech startups will thrive without utilizing the latest communication software and apps designed for this digital age. 

Developments like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Loom are essential for every company. Making use of these tools and strategies lets companies communicate with their different stakeholders, marketing leads, and team members in the most efficient way possible. 

Data Collection Will Significantly Move Your Business Forward

There are many people out there who wonder what this term means. You might not have heard much of data collection too, but it is actually a very important process. To understand the market around you, studying data is a very important part. It refers to the process of gathering data to be analyzed. Through data collection, you can generate information that will help you and your company make informed decisions. Without it, there will be no data analysis.

Customers Will Expect Cashless Transactions

There are e-commerce websites designed to accept cashless transactions, and there are also payment processing software products specially developed as integrations to your website. Customers will keep coming back to your business when you are offering convenience and advanced tools for their satisfaction. All you have to do is to outsource a webmaster or IT expert that can help you with the integration and setup. 

AI Business Startups Will Pop Up 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the collection of software programs that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. These tasks include understanding human speech, recognizing objects in an image, translating text from one language to another, and understanding human sentiment. For it to become more effective, AI is trained using many data sets. It becomes more accurate when it gets more data.  

Although artificial intelligence is among us at this very moment and has been for the last decades. However, it is only now that people are starting to become aware of the fact that we are living in a more and more artificially intelligent world. This technology is already deeply integrated into our everyday lives, in our homes and work, and almost everywhere. It might seem very difficult to imagine, but artificial intelligence is already a big part of our life. Startups venture into AI or artificial intelligence, simply because they know that people are willing to pay for something that will make their lives easier. 

Visual Marketing Will Rely More On Video Materials

Visual marketing, or a marketing strategy that relies heavily on the image aspect of marketing, is a great way to showcase your business and reach a larger audience. Today, many companies are taking advantage of this form of marketing, as it is a great way to reach out to customers. This is a trend that has been growing rapidly in the past decade. Thus, strategists don’t miss it on their marketing plan. Out of all the visual marketing ideas and tactics used, video marketing has always proven to be the most effective. 

Social media is visual by nature, and it is a powerful tool for brand recognition. You need to use stunning visuals to keep up with the social media trends and build up your brand. As you can see, Youtube is now a vast platform and it has tons of successful influencers in it. Also, you would always see these YouTubers in their best aesthetics. If you want to stand out in the market with no delay, your consistent video content will most likely be the shortcut you need. Whether it is for your brand recognition and growth, or sales and paid advertising, you will need video materials to make it in today’s business climate. 


Successful entrepreneurs and investors always seek how to be successful in their business. Hopping into a blog like this that tackles the small business trends that will rise in 2022 is one of the ways to stay on top of the game. The secret to your success this year is to choose which of the business trends you’d like to execute first and make it happen.



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