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Why You Need SEM Specialists to Grow Your Business Faster

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As more and more companies move online, realising that they need it to stay competitive and grow their customer base in the modern business landscape, digital marketing has become an increasingly important part of the equation. But apart from that, companies that manage their online presence should not only optimise their search engine rankings but utilise them for marketing their business.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, as it helps drive traffic to your website and increases visibility for your business. To succeed in this competitive digital world, companies must have an expert who understands how to optimise their online presence properly. An SEM specialist can help companies reach more customers, increase traffic and generate leads that result in higher ROI. With the right strategy and implementation, businesses can maximise their potential with a well-trained SEM specialist.

However, managing a successful SEM campaign can take time and effort. That’s why many businesses are outsourcing their SEM specialist needs to a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, allowing them more time to focus on other aspects of their business. Fortunately, an excellent outsourcing marketplace, The Lead Enquiry, can quickly help enterprises, especially SMEs and startups, find the most competent SEM specialists from our long list of well-vetted BPO provider partners. 

This blog post will share why you need SEM specialists to grow your business. We will also tackle why you should outsource SEM specialists and much more!

Read ahead.

Defining SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing refers to utilising search engines (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo) for marketing and advertising a company using the business’s website. This is usually performed by organic traffic (SEO) and paid traffic results (PPC).

All About Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking refers to the position of a website or webpage on search engine results pages (SERPs). When a user types in a query, search engines use complex algorithms to determine which sites should appear at the top of the results page. These algorithms take into account factors such as relevance, popularity, and authority. 

A high search engine ranking is important because it can lead to increased traffic and visibility for your site. Studies have shown that most users click on one of the top three results when performing a search. This means that if your site is not ranked highly, you may miss out on potential customers or readers.

Many factors feed into the algorithms that identify these rankings, some within the control of SEM specialists and some not as much. The role of an SEM specialist is to know what they can control and leverage that knowledge to place their clients at the top.

What is an SEM Specialist?

An SEM specialist is someone who specializes in search engine marketing (SEM). This type of digital marketing focuses on improving the visibility of a website or business in search engine result pages (SERPs) through paid placement, contextual advertising, and optimizing organic results.

Day-to-Day Duties and Responsibilities of an SEM Specialist


SEM specialists spend a lot of time researching. As such, they will research keywords and trends to figure out what’s hot right now. They will also examine the competition to see how other campaigns are doing. Likewise, they will research algorithms to ensure your company is still targeting the right keywords. In a nutshell, there will be a never-ending supply of things for SEM specialists to look into and stay current on.


Researching keywords, setting up and handling ad campaigns, analysing trends, adjusting targets, and evaluating feedback. An SEM specialist will then look at the big picture and implement suitable changes.


A large part of the day as an SEM specialist is spending on search engine optimisation or SEO, which involves the following: researching keywords, adding content, tweaking texts, analysing feedback, and adjusting as needed.

Stats, Data & Analysis

SEM specialists study website traffic patterns and use analytical software to assess what is effective at driving traffic and what isn’t. They also analyse competitor campaigns for a similar thing and use that information to drive more successful and better campaigns. 

At the end of the day, an SEM specialist must render data-driven feedback to clients displaying how your business campaigns are meeting its sales goals, and if not, they should quickly adjust accordingly.

Content Creation

While corporations may have content writers dedicated exclusively to creating content, this particular task may still fall under an SEM specialist’s purview. And if not to create content, their focus is certainly to help develop ideas based on recent trends.

Communicate via Email

Much of the communication that an SEM specialist will do in a day will be via email. As such, they will have to respond to team members’ and clients’ questions in a professional and timely manner.

7 Skills Required to Become an Effective SEM Specialist

Tech Savvy

An in-depth knowledge of how to write HTML, perform basic web design, and work with CSS is vital to becoming an effective SEM specialist. In addition, knowing how websites work is critical to understanding how search engine rankings work.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A huge part of search engine marketing (SEM) is search engine optimisation (SEO). And that’s why you can’t have SEM without SEO, so it is a must to understand how search engine optimisation works concerning website rankings. Therefore, an SEM specialist must be cognizant of optimisation and stay updated on how search engines rank pages. Moreover, they must know how the number of keywords and the quality of the content work together to enhance rankings and use that information to boost organic rankings.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

The paid counterpart to SEO’s organic tactics is the Pay-per-click of PPC. Thus, knowing how to use PPC advertising in conjunction with SEO is essential to being an efficient and successful SEM specialist. 

Stats, Data & Analysis

It is an absolute must for an SEM specialist to have an analytical mind as they need to study patterns of website traffic and leverage analytical software to fathom what is effective at driving traffic and what isn’t.

Organisational Skills

An SEM specialist must manage multiple projects and deadlines concurrently, so strong organisational skills are highly beneficial to keeping track of all of their campaigns. An ability to multitask and prioritise as new projects come in is also essential.

Robust Communication Skills

An SEM specialist is going to be a part of a team consisting of a multitude of players. Content managers, writers, web designers, and possibly clients. So, it is a must to have the ability to communicate effectively both via email or messenger apps and verbally. 

Writing Skills

An SEM specialist may not be directly responsible for creating content, but having the skill to pull off content and have a way with words is more than imperative for a career in SEM. Sometimes, an SEM specialist may be required to write white papers or ad copies. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need SEM Specialist to Grow Your Business Faster

Foster brand awareness for your company

When a small company uses keywords related to its industry, there will be exposure to people searching for those similar terms to that business’ ads. This can be very helpful if, for instance, your company has yet to have a powerful online presence. SEM campaigns that specialists conduct can help with your brand visibility and awareness much faster than an SEO strategy focusing on raising your page rank results in the search engine because such a strategy will only yield results after months of work.

Connect directly with your target audience and prospective clients

With SEM campaigns, your business can directly address prospective clients by using demographic criteria, geographic location, keywords (terms users use to look for a specific service or product in Google), and even the exact days of the week and time when they are active online. For an SME enterprise and startup company, the ability to only display ads to those who are likely most interested in your services or products is an excellent advantage as it reduces your spending on audiences that are not relevant. In addition, the option of segmenting campaigns geographically is highly useful, especially if your goal is primarily to connect with local clients.

It’s quick and affordable

The most salient thing about search engine marketing is that you can measure every onsite action related to your campaign (users downloading a PDF, filling out a form, making a purchase on your site, etc.).This means you can examine in detail what works and what doesn’t work and optimise campaigns and budgets in response to real company goals. Likewise, there is no minimum investment. So each company can plan their campaign strategy according to how much funding they have in place.

Act as a Market Analysis: Is your service or product relevant?

A well-orchestrated PPC (SEM) campaign is the most effective and fastest way to identify if your products and services are what consumers seek. They act as mini-market analysis studies and can assist you in determining what changes must apply to your services and products. Moreover, Google Ads reporting can give you quite a bit of information to help you pinpoint if you need to make improvements or changes to your website.

Reconnect with your consumers

A campaign that SEM specialists implement for your business also allows you to reconnect with those users who previously purchased on your website or visited your site. This refers to retargeting or remarketing, and in many instances, potential customers must encounter an ad several times before they take action and decide to buy. 

Retargeting audiences are those who have already shown interest in your services and products or have already visited your site. As you retarget them, showing them another ad, you are rendering them a reminder that ups the chance of them visiting your website again and possibly making a purchase.

What is SEM Specialist Outsourcing?

SEM Specialist Outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring a BPO service provider specialising in SEM to handle one or more aspects of your SEM strategy. 

Outsourcing SEM can benefit businesses that need more expertise in this area, have limited resources, or want to focus on other aspects of their business. An experienced SEM specialist can help you create effective campaigns targeting your target audience, optimise your website for relevant keywords, and improve your overall search engine rankings.

Working with an outsourced SEM specialist also provides access to advanced tools and technologies that may not be available in-house. This can include keyword research software, tracking tools, and analytics platforms.

Why Outsource SEM Specialists for Your Business

Improved Performance

An experienced search engine marketing expert will be familiar with best practices for optimising campaigns and know how various search engine algorithms work. This means your campaigns can be subject to maximum performance and ultimately bring you the best possible returns on investment.

Elevated Reach

With a professional SEM service of a BPO company, you’ll have access to expert advice that can help expand your reach with targeted keyword strategies and other tactics. You’ll also benefit from professional copywriting skills to help create advertising copy that resonates with prospects, resulting in higher click-through rates (CTRs) and more conversions.

Increased Visibility

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to increase your visibility online, as it helps you connect with possible customers who are actively searching for services and products like yours. A professional SEM specialist can help ensure that your content appears in top search engine results pages (SERPs) and gets noticed by customers.


Outsourcing your search engine marketing needs to a BPO provider allows you access to experts with extensive knowledge in this field, ensuring that you’re getting the best advice for optimising campaigns for success.


When offshoring SEM specialists from a BPO outsourcing company, there’s more flexibility when scaling up or down, depending on your goals and budget. This allows you to adjust campaigns quickly to achieve the best results.

Time Saving

Hiring an external SEM specialist can save you time since they’ll be responsible for all aspects of campaign management, from keyword research to bid optimisation and advertising copywriting. In addition, this frees up valuable time you can devote elsewhere within the organisation.


Outsourcing your SEM work can save you money in the long run. You won’t have to hire and train additional personnel or invest in expensive software and tools. Plus, a professional SEM specialist can optimise campaigns for maximum efficiency, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck regarding ad spend.

Enhanced ROI

Lastly, a professional outsourced SEM service will be able to track campaigns effectively and provide detailed reporting on their performance. This information can help you make sounder decisions regarding where to allocate your marketing budget for maximum performance and ultimately bring you the best returns on investment.


In retrospect, an SEM specialist plays a pivotal role in the success of your business when it comes to using search engine marketing. An SEM specialist will have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the most out of your campaigns, increase website traffic, and generate leads that can turn into conversions. An effective SEM campaign will enable you to compete effectively with larger businesses and succeed in your industry. Furthermore, outsourcing an SEM specialist to a reliable BPO firm can render more cost-effective and excellent service than employing them in-house. They know the ins and outs of search engine marketing and can craft effective strategies to ensure your website is visible to the right people at the right time. This can then scale your growth and maximise your ROI

Are your digital marketing efforts not yielding the results you desire? Let an SEM specialist be the game-changer you need, enabling you to grow your business faster than ever before with The Lead Enquiry’s first-rate BPO provider partners. Contact us today. 



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