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5 Strategic Ways to Build an Email List

photo of entrepreneur jotting down the 5 strategic ways to build an email list

Good marketing is capable of keeping your lifeline—your existing clients and customers—long-term. You keep them to the point where they become the first clients of your next brand. With the right email marketing, you get to grow and retain clients without a doubt. Marketing charts also shared data from IBM Cloud that more than 50 percent of the emails are actually opened and read by the recipients. This only makes emails the perfect medium for connecting to your potential leads and closing a sale. But first, build a valuable email list so your marketing efforts don’t go to waste. In this article, you will know the ways how to optimize email marketing to its fullest, along with the 5 strategic ways to build an email list.  

What is a Valuable Email List?

An email list is simply a collection of your potential customers’ email addresses. Reaching out to your customers via email newsletter is a great way to keep them connected and informed. Moreover, the foundation of any email marketing strategy is a strong email list. If you don’t have a list of subscribers, you can’t get new leads, and if you don’t have any leads, you can’t make any sales. This is why every single business should not miss the opportunities that an email list brings. 

Creating an email list may seem as simple as getting them from your Facebook surveys. However, when talking about effectiveness, those leads you get may mean nothing if they are not qualified. This is because they will just give you low conversions. A valuable email list, on the other hand, can give you more sales in the future because you will be attracting recipients that are more likely going to purchase from you, and increase conversions. 

5 Strategic Ways to Build an Email List

Add an Email Pop-Up for Your New Website Visitors

People who click on your optimized content probably do so because they are already interested in your niche. By then, it becomes your advantage to leave them a space where they can put their email address if they want to receive more updates from you. That space is called an email pop-up. A pop-up is a banner that appears over the content that you are currently viewing on the screen, which makes it seem as if the content is being blocked or covered. This style of marketing has been seen in many different areas of the Internet, and the most common pop-ups are advertisements. However, there are other uses, such as collecting emails. An email pop-up is one of the best ways to obtain contact from someone who is more likely going to open the future emails you’ll be sending them.  

Insert Slide-Ins to Your Blogs

Similar to pop-ups, a blog slide-in is a type of marketing campaign where a content box pops up when the user opens a particular webpage or blog. A slide-in is basically the same as a banner ad, except it takes up significantly more space. Also, you can have this appear just right when the audience has already grasped and enjoyed your content. This means that you can let it slide on the most interesting part of your blog, or when your reader is about to finish it. 

Slide-ins are a great way to promote a new product or service or to highlight a specific offer. Not only that, but they also convert at a high rate. You can also use slide-ins when getting the email address of your reader. Do you have a favorite blog on your website? You can have your webmaster set a slide-in that is compelling enough to have your audience sign up. If you have interesting existing content in mind that has the most reads, you can use that for your slide to persuade readers to stay updated via email. 

Offer a Free Digital Product

In your landing pages and email pop-ups, there is no better way to have an interested audience sign up than to give them a freebie. Your freebie can be in the form of an ebook, cheat sheet, or webinars. Whichever digital product you prefer to give out, you will get the best results when you have a strategic sales funnel in place. Also, among the list, offering a free digital product is the best because people love freebies after all. 

Create Many Landing Pages

An important part of every marketing campaign is to create a landing page. You may also hear it referred to as an “advertorial”, “sales pitch” or “lead capture page”.  It is a web page where traffic is directed in order to convert a visitor into a customer, by capturing the visitor’s email address. Moreover, they are usually the first page someone sees when entering your site. Therefore, it is important to create a landing page that is attractive and helpful. Since these pages are designed to convert visitors into customers, you will need an excellent copywriter that will create a compelling call to action and landing page content for you. Of course, alongside copywriters should also be a full-time webmaster who can create as many landing pages that can give answers to different concerns of your audience. 

The more diversified landing pages you have, the more people you attract. You then also get more people to sign up to your email marketing list. 

Add CTAs to your blogs

Your call to action (CTA) will tell visitors what action to take next. It’s a link that prompts a website visitor to continue on a specific path. The CTA link might be to download a white paper, go to a specific web page, or sign up for a newsletter. In this case, your call to action should be a landing page where you get your readers to sign up for your email list. To get the best results, get a copywriter or content writer that has the skills to turn your audience into leads. 


Easier said than done, effective marketing has always been a time-intensive and expensive process. After all, marketing should not be limited only to short-term gains. It should also be a profitable, long-term investment that will contribute to your business growth and expansion. The abovementioned 5 strategic ways to build an email list might be quite a challenge for you. However, with the right marketing team, you can achieve all the strategies listed above. As a bonus for reaching this part, you will get here the sixth strategic way to build an email list. Your sixth and most important marketing strategy to build an email list is to outsource the right people. With the right digital marketing team, you can build an email list that is profitable and contributes to your brand engagement. 



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