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Why SMEs Should Outsource Web Development

In today's world of digitisation and digitalisation, having a credible and solid presence on the web is essential for any small or medium-sized business to be successful.

In today’s world of digitisation and digitalisation, making your small and medium-sized business (SME) successful means having a credible and solid presence on the web. Websites are crucial for all industries. They attract, inform, and engage customers to promote your brand and drive sales. 

Your brand will be less authentic if you don’t have it or if it doesn’t look safe. As a result, customers become more hesitant to make transactions. Likewise, you miss out on opportunities to expand your company and reach a broader audience. 

The first step towards success is the creation of a website. But it is not a trivial project. Web development is more than just building an attractive website for your company. Of course, it involves programming, marketing, and a mixture of many other disciplines. But the outcome must be an online launching pad that will allow the take-off of your business. However, launching a website is a huge undertaking. And because of this, many small and medium business owners feel unprepared to delve into the digital sphere. 

In addition, deciding who should be in charge of web development is not a walk in the park. Should your organisation form an IT team to build the aforementioned online launching pad? Or should you opt to offshore this critical task? The decision is not simple. And given the complexity of web development, many SMEs find it challenging to achieve this goal in-house.

Fortunately, outsourcing web development to a business processing outsourcing (BPO) company can be an effective solution for SMEs. It allows them access to skilled professionals who understand the latest technologies and industry trends while freeing up valuable resources and time you can migrate on your core business activities. You can also expect that your website is protected and secure against malicious threats.

In this blog post, we will tackle why small and medium enterprises should outsource their web development. But before processing directly on that part, we will also go over the necessary details about web development and web development outsourcing. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Web development is the process of creating a website or web application. This can include anything from a simple static website to a complex web-based application. Web developers use various programming languages and technologies to create, test, and deploy websites and web applications.

Web developers often work with web designers to form the look and feel of a website or web application. Once the website or app is complete, web developers test it to ensure it functions correctly. They may also be responsible for deploying the site or app to a server and ensuring it is accessible to users.

What is Web Development Outsourcing?

Web development outsourcing is the process of hiring a BPO service provider to handle all or part of the web development for your business. This can include anything from developing a new website to making changes and updates to an existing one.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your web development, including saving time and money. When you outsource, you can focus on other aspects of your business while leaving web development in expert hands. This can free up valuable time you would otherwise spend on the development process.

Moreover, outsourcing can save you money in the long run. Hiring an in-house web developer can be costly, especially if they require benefits and a salary. When you offshore, you only pay for the services you need when you need them.

Top 3 Challenges in Web Development

You can divide web development’s top challenges into three categories: technological, organisational, and societal.

Technological challenges 

It includes the need to keep up with rapidly changing technologies, support legacy systems, and integrate new technologies into existing systems. 

Organisational challenges 

It involves managing ever-changing requirements, schedules, and budgets; coordinating distributed teams; and ensuring quality control. 

Societal challenges 

This includes issues such as security, privacy, accessibility, and internationalisation.

The top challenges in web development are constantly changing, but the need to find talented and motivated people to work on these challenges is the one constant.

7 Different Outsourcing Web Development Services

The best web development outsourcing companies offer a comprehensive variety of services to delve into all kinds of web-related projects. These include the following:

Website development

Creating highly functional and secure websites with superb UX customised to specific needs.

Enterprise web solution development

Designing complex operational systems for big companies.

Web development consulting services

Constructing ongoing projects and assessing web development ideas.

Cloud-based platform development

Building scalable and high-performing platforms with seamless integration capabilities.

Web app development

Establishing web-based applications for both external and internal use.

SaaS development

Integration of software as a service element to a larger and broader digital environment.

E-commerce development

Creation of robust and fully-functional online stores. CMS development. Design content management systems to boost and expedite content publishing.

10 Reasons Why SMEs Should Outsource Web Development

You can save on costs

One of the primary concerns concerning employing web developers is the expenses. We’re not going to lie; building a website means setting a budget. But as with all intelligent investments, it ultimately returns your capital and more.

Delegating your web development project to particular countries can mean significant savings. For example, in the United States, web developers have an hourly rate of 150 dollars. However, rates start at 18 dollars, depending on the complexity of your request in the Philippines.

It’s one of the reasons why the Philippines is a go-to country for offshoring web development. And don’t worry, the lower rates don’t come with lower quality. Not only are Filipino developers skilled, but most of them also speak English fluently, so no language barrier comes between you and the external team. 

You can get access to the latest tools and technologies

Unless you’re in the corporation of web development, it’s unlikely that you have up-to-date tools and technologies. Obtaining them in-house takes a lot of money and time, so purchasing them for one-off projects is not a good idea. 

Meanwhile, a web development BPO provider has them in spades. It’s part of their job to leverage and update their clients’ tools. As a result, web pages become more accessible and faster to new browsers and devices with the help of outsourced web development teams.

You get the professional touch

Regarding skills and expertise, web development and design are fields that need many. 

Yes, there are many open-source tools with free themes and templates on the market. They’re outstanding resources but don’t come close to custom-made websites established by outsourced professional teams. 

When you offshore your web development to a trusted BPO company, you get to work with top talents who can refine your vision and bring it to life. 

Outsourced web development teams are composed of trained developers and designers, each with their specialisations. As such, you can expect the best outcomes on all fronts. 

Faster turnaround time

Creating a website on your own is possible. Anyone can use generic themes and call it a day. But to build one that stands out, you’d have to shove years of education and experience. 

So rather than going through all that trouble, it’s better to employ people who have already made strides in the industry. As such, offshored developers are seasoned ones who know how to move agilely without sacrificing the quality of their work. It results from many years of trial and error and honing their skills. They also render faster service than internal web developers. 

Although the in-house web development teams have similar training, they usually get sidetracked by other tasks. In contrast, outsourced developers prioritise your needs to launch your website as soon as possible.

It’s easier to scale

Another restraint of do-it-yourself web builders is that it’s backing up fewer web pages on a single site. 

It can become tricky when you’re publishing weekly blog posts and implementing content marketing strategies. First, you immediately use up your allowance, leaving no room for additional product pages. 

The primary code made by professional developers serves as a solid foundation to scale up your website quickly. 

Scalability concerning team size is also a point of consideration. It’s simpler to scale your web development team up or down when you delegate them to a BPO service provider. 

For instance, you will require fewer people for web maintenance after launching your website. But major rebranding and enhancement need more workforce. So, as you can see, it can get chaotic for your human resource (HR) department. 

Offshored teams adjust to these requirements without your intervention. All you have to do is communicate what you want or your objective and sit back as they figure out the logistics. 

Better success rate

There is a reason why free templates are free. But unfortunately, many online website builders come with limited colour palettes and preset layouts. This is a huge barrier and disadvantage since you can only go part-scale on branding. So, in the end, customers will need help differentiating them from other brands.

Moreover, there’s also little you can do with your website’s code. As a result, junk, irrelevant features and lines stay on your site, affecting its usability and speed. But it’s the complete opposite when you collaborate with an outsourced web development team.

Specifically made for your needs, you know you’re getting clean code with custom features. The team also designs your pages to resonate with your audience and reflect your brand’s personality. The result is a well-oiled, cohesive platform that converts.

Reduced risks

The clients are a web development company’s lifeblood. Outsourced web developers and designers take their function very seriously because they want to build lasting partnerships. Hence, employing a third-party team plays in your favour.

Research the best web development BPO outsourcing companies to find a reliable external firm. These third-party providers have experts with high communication standards and are accountable for their work. In short, fewer risks than creating an internal IT department for a singular purpose.

Heightened web security

Web security is one factor you should always uphold. As website attacks are becoming more prevalent, many corporations have transferred online. Hackers also have more cultivated tools to break through firewalls and inject malware. 

Professional outsourced web developers make sure to green-light the highest level of web security. They take extra steps to strengthen your firewalls and encrypt your data. With a protected website, you safeguard yourself and your visitors, resulting in seamless customer relations and an uninterrupted income stream at your bottom line. 

Access to web maintenance services

The right web development outsourcing company forms a partnership with your brand. You’re a precious ally to them, and their mission is to help you succeed.

If you desire, this partnership can expand until you launch your website. Then, you can ask a team of offshored web developers to maintain your site for as long as you require. Since they generate the pages themselves, they know exactly how to keep them in first-rate shape.

Obtaining access to reliable web maintenance services is a key determinant of sustainable growth. Websites that are frequently updated stay competitive and relevant in a changing marketplace. As a result, you’re the first to benefit from the emerging trends in consumer behaviour and technological advancements. 

You can concentrate on your business

Finally, outsourcing web development lets you concentrate on your company. There’s no need to monitor an external team 24/7. While they’re doing the heavy lifting, you can devote your time and resources to other profit-generating business operations. 

There’s no doubt that outsourcing has become a popular option for businesses of all sizes. But what are the top trends in web development outsourcing? Here’s a look at some of the most notable trends:

Offshore development is on the rise

Undoubtedly, offshore development is becoming more popular, especially as companies look to save money and resources. A recent study by Forrester found that 40% of companies are outsourcing their web development needs. And with the proliferation of reliable and cost-effective offshore providers, it’s no wonder this trend is on the rise.

The rise of agile methodology

Agile has recently gained popularity as a more efficient and effective way to manage web development projects. Nearly 60% of companies surveyed by Forrester said they planned to use Agile for their web development projects in the next year. And with the success many companies have had with Agile, it’s no wonder this trend is on the rise.

Growth of SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) is another growing trend in web development outsourcing. This model allows businesses to access software applications on a pay-as-you-go basis, which can be more cost-effective than traditional licensing models. And with more and more companies moving to the cloud, SaaS will only become more popular.

Demand for speed

In today’s fast-paced world, people want things to happen quickly. That’s why one of the most salient trends in web development is the need for speed. Businesses must deliver content and applications rapidly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or security. Offshore providers can often provide the speed, and agility businesses need to stay ahead of the competition.

Emergence of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another trend that’s on the rise. This refers to the interconnectedness of devices, people, and things. And as more and more devices connect to the internet, this trend will only grow.

Elevation of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another hot topic in the world of web development. This refers to the ability of computers to learn and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as image recognition and natural language processing.

The need for security

As the world becomes more connected, the need for security increases. That’s why web development outsourcing providers that offer security solutions are in high demand. Businesses must know that their data and applications are safe and secure from attacks.


Outsourcing your business processes to a reliable BPO firm can be a great way for SMEs to save time and money. With The Lead Enquiry, you can easily connect with the right BPO firm

To wrap it up, when it comes to web development, SMEs should seriously consider outsourcing the task to a reliable BPO firm wherein The Lead Enquiry can successfully connect you. Offshoring your web development projects is the best option to reduce costs while still maintaining quality through a team of outsourced professionals. It eliminates the need to recruit and train in-house developers, which can save you time and money. Not only does it increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, but it also ensures that your website is secure and up to date with the latest technologies on the ever-evolving web development landscape. Furthermore, it allows you to prioritise customer satisfaction and focus on your core business activities, ensuring more growth opportunities in the long run.

Get started on your website and establish your SME’s online presence with a professional team of web developers at The Lead Enquiry. Our BPO provider partners build and design custom pages with unique features to fit your needs and make sure to keep your website secure. Contact us today. 



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