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Top 5 Outsourcing Services for E-Commerce Businesses

People nowadays have shifted their spending of purchased goods or services to the internet due to its convenience and ease of use.

As the world constantly relies on technology for everyday needs and the number of daily internet users increase, the e-commerce sector has shown significant growth over the years. As per Digital Commerce 360, Global online sales rose more than 24% as over two billion consumers shifted their spending of purchased goods or services to online/digital sources in 2020. These numbers are mostly due to the COVID-19 outbreak, as everyone was forced to comply with mobility restrictions, limiting physical contact. 

As such, this enabled corporations to transition into the e-commerce space and obtain particular advantages in their respective fields. While some could quickly adapt, others had to delve into unfamiliar strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Plus, with customer demands rapidly changing, many companies were baffled by more tasks than they could manage. Likewise, hiring full-time e-commerce specialists with the experience that you can utilise to succeed can also cost you a lot and isn’t always financially feasible.

When managing your e-commerce business, it’s essential to have a checklist of requirements for a seamless operation. But if you aren’t sure about those, this blog post can help give you a better idea of the kind of services you can outsource to a reliable remote team. And that’s why we will cover the top 5 services that you can outsource when running your e-commerce business. 

Let us guide you toward the best decision for your business by taking a closer look!

What should you outsource to e-commerce service providers?

These days, the outsourcing marketplace makes it possible for corporations across industries around the globe to relay tasks without needing to recruit in-house talents. For e-commerce, multiple functions are also required to ensure consistent and smooth operations per client order. And unlike brick-and-mortar stores, it requires a particular set of skills for specific tasks that you can’t perform alone. 

As your competitors move to digital, employing a team of outsourced e-commerce experts can help you fast-forward your shift to digital without errors and help you manage your business better by outsourcing these services:

#1 Website development and maintenance

In handling online transactions, an e-commerce website makes it easier for customers to select and buy products or services from a company. 

Unfortunately, if you try to produce a website alone using drag-and-drop platforms, you won’t have anyone to attend to your concerns if any errors occur. Your consumers make transactions on your website, and if they can’t properly navigate that space because of its poor functionality, a huge percentage of your visitors will likely leave your site, which can affect the performance of your sales profits. 

That’s where offshored e-commerce services come in. Developers from website development outsourcing companies can integrate newly implemented custom features, ensure that your e-commerce site runs seamlessly by quickly fixing bugs, and allow users to access the necessary information when they’re about to make a purchase. 

#2 Web design and content management

A journal article found out that the visual design of e-commerce websites can improve not only the aesthetics but also the emotional appeal of the visitors, which makes them trust a website with good design more. Meanwhile, every online business needs content for everything as it is capable of targeting the pain points of your customers and selling your products or services in such a manner that it fulfils their needs. Therefore, you must create good web graphics and quality content to retain current consumers and attract new ones. 

Opting for website designing outsourcing to gain professional creative work for your e-commerce website will help integrate your vision of your brand with what your clients like to see on a website, be it on their smartphones or computers. Likewise, outsourcing your content creation for your e-commerce website means you get premium information. This, in turn, helps improve your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) performance and helps your clients and prospects positively associate with and remember your company in today’s digital economy.

#3 Order processing and fulfilment

You can outsource your order processing and fulfilment to a company that has the infrastructure, skillset, and experience in place.

Order processing and fulfilment is a part of an e-commerce sales process that involves responding to and fulfilling orders and the delivery of goods and services to your consumers based on the data recorded on your system. It has a direct impact on client experience and satisfaction, which ultimately translates to your sales.

Fortunately, there are a lot of third-party providers that can help you manage this load. They can take care of order validation, picking, packaging, shipping out goods to your consumers, status checks, cancellation management, and query resolution while you focus on running your business.

Outsourcing order processing and fulfilment means you don’t have to train an entire team of in-house staff and worry about attrition. This can minimise your management and operational expenses, which you can invest in other areas of your business. Hence, you must also make sure to choose the right BPO provider to collaborate with because this is one of the most valuable e-commerce services on the list.

#4. Product listing and optimisation

One of the most crucial rules of selling online is providing your clients with product descriptions that will compel them to purchase your products or services.

By outsourcing this function, your remote team can focus on producing and boosting a catalogue of items to be sold on your e-commerce store. On each listing, there should be a creative copy, irresistible product descriptions, and a list of other related information on each product or service in your business. It will help your clients better understand your offerings and how they work.

#5 Customer support

Customer service includes answering inquiries, providing basic assistance and collecting feedback from consumers and prospects through various channels, including voice chat, email support, live chat, multichannel and omnichannel. 

Each of these support types also requires skills that can be challenging because as customer queries pile up, you’ll need more staff to answer their questions on the dot. Likewise, it also becomes more costly to hire in-house as it means additional expenses in office space, computer and technical support. 

Considering customer support outsource allows your e-commerce business to make your responses faster and more efficient, absorb the demands of round-the-clock shifts, cut costs and create better relationships with your clients because of your great customer service performance. 


Outsourcing is the best option for quickly elevating your brand in the e-commerce market, save on your business, & providing a better ROI.

Running an e-commerce business can be difficult, especially for those unfamiliar with the digital landscape. Outsourcing is the best option that can help elevate your brand more quickly in the e-commerce market, save on your business resources, and gain the expertise you need to stay updated in the ever-changing e-commerce industry.

Get off the right foot by checking out The Lead Enquiry. We are an excellent outsourcing marketplace that can help manage your e-commerce business’s needs and boost your operations through our trusted service providers! Contact us today. 



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