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Top 10 Best Healthcare BPO Services

Over the years, the global outsourcing marketplace has constantly been expanding. Business process outsourcing (BPO) firms have extended their services and function. This makes them more relevant than ever. 

Conventionally, this practice was established for manufacturing purposes alone. But today, outsourcing caters to every industry across the globe. A BPO provider serves as an aid for corporations to keep their day-to-day operations up and running.  

The healthcare sector is one of the most competitive and busiest industries. Thus, the demand for healthcare services has even been maximised in recent years. That said, healthcare is among the following business areas that extensively benefit from outsourcing. 

In this blog post, we have outlined the top 10 best healthcare BPO services every medical firm can outsource to their advantage! 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it! 

#1 Data entry services

Medical and other healthcare facilities dealing with a slew of patients a day come across a myriad of thousand data points each day. These institutions must have a seamless chain of workflow to gather these data points and store them in the correct and suitable fields. Usual data points in healthcare organisations include provider prescriptions, historical health records, insurance details, and patient health information, among other details.

Healthcare BPO experts can enter these critical data points without any errors so that the internal team can concentrate on more complex decision-making tasks. Some BPO outsourcing companies also help medical firms maintain proper patient services through scheduling solutions. Select a healthcare BPO vendor that is HIPAA compliant to make sure that the crucial patient health information is secure with your outsourcing partner.

#2 Data analysis reports

The gathering of data can be one of the most significant tasks in the daily workflow of a healthcare company. However, for the management to create well-informed decisions for the institution’s future, it requires data analysis reports. This 2022, data science is the avenue forward to take any step forward in a company. But healthcare firms can often suffer from a lack of data scientists and poor data retention practices.

A healthcare BPO company can provide you with custom-made reports appropriate to your business’s specific needs. You can gain access to the leading outsourcing provider in the healthcare domain and discuss your inquiries and the result you desire from getting them onboard. In addition, they also leverage superior software solutions to track the data and offer customised analysis of the financial management of the institution. 

#3 Medical claims processing

Processing patient claims is an intricate healthcare activity, as your patients must have accurate medical claims for their insurance firms. But when exposed to hundreds of claims to be processed daily, how do you keep up with accuracy on every single one?

To make sure that your patient claims are in check, outsourcing is the right option. They have highly-skilled workforces and cutting-edge technologies to process large volumes of medical claims smoothly. Likewise, as this is all that they’ll be concentrating on, you won’t have to worry about interruptions clouding the accuracy of the claims.

#4 Medical coding

On a daily basis, medical professionals and hospitals deal with countless medical records that need coding and are pretty complicated. Without the proper expertise and knowledge, healthcare professionals can face great errors and delays in processing patient records. Here comes the picture of outsourcing medical coding as a part of healthcare BPO while eliminating any hiccups.

The outsourced professionals of the healthcare BPO are adept enough with the necessary information to perform their job accurately and efficiently. This enables healthcare institutions to concentrate on the core business activities like enhancing patient care, treatment, medical research, and many more.

#5 Medical billing

Medical billing is a process whereby medical and healthcare facilities submit claims to health insurance companies and receive payments for the services they have rendered. The medical billing process can be complex, time-consuming, and confusing, which is why many institutions in the healthcare and medical field outsource this service to BPO external providers.

#6 Revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is when medical and healthcare facilities use medical billing software. This financial process enables these institutions to monitor all the patients’ activities, from appointments, registrations, appointments, and payments. 

BPO companies are experts in making RCM connect both the business and clinical parts of the healthcare industry through its administrative data. The fundamental role of this software is to communicate with a patient’s insurance company. 

#7 Medical transcription and electronic medical recording

Medical transcription is the process of converting voice recordings made by healthcare professionals into written reports. This written record becomes part of the patient’s medical records.

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are digital versions of a patient’s paper charts. They contain all of the same information as paper charts, but they can be shared more easily with other providers and offer a number of features and benefits that paper charts do not

BPO healthcare services can help you keep pace with the latest in medical documentation. They make it their business to stay abreast of the latest in EMRs and medical transcription so that they can offer you the 

#8 Integration of health IT

Health IT plays a significant role in sustaining the regular workflow of medical and healthcare facilities. However, not all institutions can adapt to in-house IT teams to manage their daily non-core functionalities. 

Healthcare BPO service providers invest ample resources to ensure that IT integration is finished so that you do not encounter any trouble or lag during the electronic processing of documents. The services can encompass but are not limited to EHR, cloud computing systems, digital transactions and electronic payment solutions. 

The leading BPO provider in the healthcare domain focuses on enhancing IT performance by introducing the latest software solutions available in the market empowered by digital transformation. It helps them handle their daily tasks with ease and prove to be competent partners in the digitisation process.

#9 Patient collections

Most medical and healthcare firms often suffer from low patient collections. It can happen due to different factors like lack of communication between the patients and the provider’s office or even due to lack of intent to pay. It is important to improve the point-of-service collections to boost the revenue for healthcare companies. 

Healthcare BPO providers consider the details of the patients who have outstanding dues with the institution. The highly trained outsourced professionals work with the patients by contacting them regularly to realise the stuck cash flow. It can usually become challenging for the in-house billing team to keep up with the patient collections in a given timeline. This is where BPO firms prove to be highly beneficial for them.

#10 Customer service and support

Your ability to render timely, thoughtful care to each of your patients is of the utmost importance. However, when your staff phone lines get flooded and hold times increase, the patient experience suffers. In worst-case scenarios, long hold queues can be life-threatening.

Healthcare contact centre BPO services let your internal people focus on caring for the patients, which is the most critical. They provide various support services, from nurse hotlines to non-clinical teams, and can handle overflow during peak times or track all incoming calls. Partnering with healthcare BPOs can indeed shorten your wait times, enabling your staff to respond quickly to emergencies.


In retrospect, healthcare outsourcing rendered by BPO firms offers several services that can lighten the load for medical workers suffering from significant burnout and fatigue as one of the busiest and most competitive sectors, and the top 10 mentioned in this list are just the best among them all, that medical facilities can use as a reference when choosing what to outsource. Thanks for reading!

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