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Why You Should Outsource Your Print and Mail Services

Did you know that businesses are now depending on BPO companies to save costs while staying productive? Formerly, non-core business functions such as print and mail services were carried out in-house. Today, they are now handed over to a competent service provider. By outsourcing non-core business functions such as print and mail services from an excellent outsourcing marketplace, you can redirect your company’s resources toward core business activities or operations. This will enable you to enhance core business activities or functions’ performance effectively.

It’s evident that outsourcing your business’s print and mail service can benefit your company’s enterprise. Outsourcing your print and mail can decrease expenses and increase production, making it a wise investment for your company. Furthermore, outsourcing your mailing will prevent you from paying for production, storage, and distribution.

This article explains the many advantages of outsourced printing and mailing. We present why services like this can benefit your business in detail, including boosting productivity, streamlining procedures, increasing legal compliance, and more. We also describe how outsourced mailing services can be borrowed before long-term lease commitments are made. In this blog, we’ll show you how mail outsourcing can help your company improve cash flow, reduce the risk of a data breach, and more.

The Benefits of Outsourced Print and Mail Services

If your company or organisation frequently communicates with its audience through direct mail, outsourcing your mailing practice could change your business life. For example, whenever your customers make month-to-month payments, you don’t necessarily need to reconcile the information and perform standing orders in your centre. With outsourced mailing, this can be carried out by a third party to reduce costs and secure compliance with your business’s internal regulations. Many of the main aspects influenced by this function are listed below.

Save on Equipment Expenses


Equipment installation requires substantial financial outlay for many businesses in different markets. What’s more peculiar is that even those companies that need tools for everyday operations do not purchase prohibitively expensive equipment. Therefore, you are spending much cash for a piece of equipment your business can do without.

Besides being costly and unnecessary for your business, this machinery also has a massive upkeep cost that can cut your revenue. By using an outsourced printing service, you can efficiently exploit equipment you do not need.

In addition, the appliance also needs a separate operator and set location where it’s to be installed, which will increase the total cost. Finally, even though you devote plenty of time and money to the installation, the appliance may not give you a high-quality experience.

In contrast to a print provider that’s privately owned, you do not have to worry about the equipment costs when you use an outsourced manufacturer. In addition, you can choose a supplier that consistently produces excellent goods.

Save on Payroll

If you need your direct mail printed and mailed with in-house resources and labour, you will most likely encounter obstacles. Keep in mind that equipment installation will cost you money. Undoubtedly, the idea of implementing cost reduction in concept is to reduce your headcount. This is the very same scenario concerning print and mail services.

Whether you’re sending letters, invoices, bills, texts or other marketing materials, printing this can become a colossal time-eater. Printing, folding, and mailing direct mail is a sizable task in and of itself. However, personalized mailings make it drastically more difficult.

Producing personalized mailings demands printing and putting them into envelopes, verifying mailing addresses on the envelopes, and labelling them. After that, the direct mail maker hands them to the postal carrier, who will deliver them to their recipients.

Outsourced print and mail services have automation features, and your company will not have to deal with any of the payrolls of the direct mail workers since the outsourcing company manages it.

Save on Overtime Expenses

It sometimes gets hectic at your workplace when the workday is quite busy. For example, it is possible that you are planning many different campaigns or that several invoices are being sent to many other recipients during a busy month. When this takes place, you may end up working overtime along with your direct mail team.

Most companies generally end up with two or three shifts at peak hours. So, naturally, you will be responsible for compensating for the extra hours created by your employees.

Employing a print and mail service has everything to do with doing away with overtime costs. Why is this the case? Because the partner you select is an expert in their field, you are not charged for any overtime expenses, primarily because they will not need to work overtime.

Save on Inventory Management

Inventory management is another puzzle that businesses face when it comes to in-house print and mail services. Companies need to be equipped to handle the additional inventory requirements involved in these services.

So, if a business decided to start an in-house direct mail campaign that would be managed independently, it would need adequate storage space to store the mailers. The bigger the company, the greater the inventory demand will be.

The printing and mailing service you use can remove the pressure you’re under to prepare mailings when you employ them. When you outsource these services to a service provider, you share the responsibility of keeping your email list safe with them.

Moreover, an outsourcing business’s stock system is configured to manage the requirements of its customers. In so doing, your company will not only cut costs but free up floor space, too. Some even enable you to manage your inventory online in real-time.

Save on Energy Expenses

Your company’s printing and mailing equipment may use an excess of energy and thus drive up your company’s monthly costs. While this isn’t a one-time expense, it’s an enormous challenge to increase your return or return on investment rate.

An additional backup system may elevate expenses. Alternatively, you can contact an outsourcing provider to save money on energy expenses. Because of outsourcing providers’ numerous applications, many have implemented power-saver technologies, which help optimize their procedures. Additionally, they strive to adhere to environmentally conscientious guidelines.

Save on Consumables

Consumables seem so simple to manage when you compare things to them. However, the number of consumables you need will vary with software and hardware. As a result, you could be assigned an incorrect quantity or even get a low-quality product.

At times, it may not be the case that all your supplies work together to create the best possible end product, which, in turn, impacts your end product or direct mailing.

With an outsourced printing and mailing company, you don’t need to source out any of the confusing stuff. All you will have to do is ensure that the items you put out are of top quality and that you’re all set to proceed. 

On the other hand, if you wish to find an environmentally conscious service provider, it is possible to conduct detailed research beforehand. But before choosing a particular firm, you must do thorough research first.


Businesses from multiple industry verticals have used the print and mail service as a long-trusted component of their operations. Countless industries are adjusting existing print and mailing processes to stay current. Some companies have spent time and resources developing an in-house printing and mailing process. However, this proves to be a counterproductive approach. 

Given that you already have the resources, equipment, and exposure required to benefit from print and shipping services, it’s almost always better to outsource them. Let The Lead Enquiry connect you to your preferred outsourced print and mail provider! Contact us to learn more.



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