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Top 5 Tips for Outsourcing the Right Education Provider

Outsourcing has been proven effective for multiple businesses across various industries, including the education sector. But no matter what perks it offers, it also needs a great deal of consideration. Everything from the actual decision to choosing the best business process outsourcing provider adds up to a successful outsourcing venture. 

Hence why we will share the top 5 tips for outsourcing the right education provider for your institution! We hope that by the end of this blog post, you’ll get insightful ideas that will help you in your decision process! 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Define your goals in outsourcing

Before outsourcing, it is essential to clearly identify the business goals that you want to attain in outsourcing your education functions and services. Create a list of the items you want to offshore and how you want them to be managed. What aspects do you need assistance with? How will the BPO service provider align with your current business process? This will allow you to outline the services you need. This will also ensure that the outsourced education provider that you are reviewing can meet your needs.

Evaluate their experiences and technical/project competence and ask for reference

Ask questions. What is their history, experience, technical knowledge and successful projects in the education outsourcing industry? For how long have they been in the business? Knowing what processes the BPO vendor follows and what methodology they are utilising to track results and solve concerns will give you a clearer idea of how exactly your project will be managed. 

Another way to find out a provider’s quality of service is to ask for client references. They can either be previous or current customers. Have a brief conversation with them. Determine their experience and if the outsourcing company was able to achieve their standards and goals.

Check their management team and work culture

Look at the external provider’s management team to digest if they have the right mixture of experience and work ethic. It’s also important to assess the work culture of your BPO service provider and how it will suit your institution’s own culture or personality. 

Inspect access to communication, state of technology and how they communicate

Outsourcing has come a long way, and with technological advancement, the exchange of information has become easier. Make sure that the BPO service provider has access to communication channels, be it phone lines, instant messaging or email. As for technology, check if their equipment is up-to-date and functioning smoothly.

Communication is crucial to success. And that is why employ a remote team/partner that can work towards the growth of your institution rather than only being interested in task fulfilment. For instance, would they be proactively reaching out with regards to ideas on how to minimise costs further, improvement initiatives, and other analogous actions?

Working with an outsourcing company that shows care about the success of their client’s customer, just as you do with your own clients, will lead to a thriving and happy partnership.

Compare pricing and services 

One of the massive benefits of outsourcing is the cost. The lower labour expenses will lead to enhancement in your institution’s bottom line. However, you only get what you pay for, and it is not always a good idea to avail of the cheapest vendor. So make a comparison about the different services available, what it has, the kind of staff you will get and how they stand against other third parties. Although also note that this is not to say that the cheapest option won’t be the best, but it is salient to look beyond just the price. 


Partnerships involve choices. If you wish to achieve your goals and steadily reap the rewards, then put in the effort to select the right outsourcing provider for your educational institution rather than diving head-first to the first choice you see. The repercussions of making the wrong selection can damage your reputation to a fault from which it can be hard to fully recover.

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