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IT Outsourcing vs In-House IT Solutions

When companies find themselves needing to address specific business needs, such as IT functions, they often ask whether they can handle the task of outsourcing it or staying in-house. 

And while it is true that both approaches have pros and cons, and the response depends on multiple factors, each company will have a different answer to this, depending on the nature and the needs of the business in question.

So let’s delve into some factors you should consider as you decide whether to outsource your IT functions to a third-party provider or stay with an in-house solution. 

Pros of IT Outsourcing

There are many benefits of outsourcing a portion or all of your IT function to IT specialists from BPO companies, but here are some of the following:

It’s cost-effective: Typically, an outsourced IT company has a fixed monthly cost. So you don’t have to pay extra to maintain training or address a data outage after hours.

Furthermore, saving money is, after all, a significant motivation for outsourcing IT because about 45% of companies outsourcing IT functions in 2022 say that the reason for their information technology outsourcing projects is to save costs. 

IT outsourcing companies are the perfect solution for those who have a lot of technological needs and they provide 24/7 support.

Team of experts: You will have access to a whole group of experts, who happen to be well-versed in a broad range of styles, for one monthly fee or set hourly rate, as opposed to picking a handful of specialists who may be great at one or two things,

24/7 access: An in-house team might have quicker response times, but that’s usually only the case during a typical workday.

IT outsourcing companies will provide you with 24/7 support and emergency services, so even if you do experience downtime, you can quickly get back online. You also won’t be limited to, or have to pay extra for nights, weekends and holidays.

Internal resources can grow the business: According to TeamStage, 57% of companies concluded that outsourcing enables them to focus on core business. Your employees can dedicate more time to growing your business and creating innovative solutions when you offload the daily burden of technology to an outsourcing company. For instance, you can outsource web development, web designing, and tech support

Cons of IT Outsourcing

Difficulty with communication: You may encounter communication challenges since outsourced IT companies operate offsite. However, communication shouldn’t be a major issue if you fully trust your BPO provider to make the right decisions in handling your IT functions.

Lack of control: You are utilizing the services of an external company in which they have different business processes, workflow and overall operational flow than yours. If response times are not specified and agreed upon ahead of time, you may experience concerns over a lack of control.

Pros of In-house IT Solutions

Respond immediately. When technical issues arise, an in-house IT team can respond immediately, even with a simple tap on the shoulder or call for an extension. 

Easy access: As an employee of your company, you have immediate access to your IT techs and know your business inside and out. 

More control:  When IT is under your management, you have more control over the response times and how they actually work on it. 

Cons of In-house IT Solutions

Not always available: To keep the business running, you won’t only need IT to support during the regular 9 to 5 work week as emergencies can come after hours when your employees might not be available or on weekends. Because of this, you might pay time-and-a-half for work during the holidays. 

It’s expensive: You need to consider the cost of your employee’s payroll, benefits and onboarding. You also have to factor in continuous training and certification costs to keep your team current on the latest technologies, which can be costly.

Fall behind: Critical software and support ticket patches can pile up quickly, especially if your internal department is small or a staff member takes time off. With this, your staff might constantly be putting out fires and addressing low-level support issues for non-technical staff members instead of spending time keeping up with new trends and technologies. 


When it comes to managing IT, the final answer is always to consider a solution that allows you to focus your energy on attaining your business goals without having to stress about technology. So take a closer look and weigh the pros and cons of each approach (relying on outsourcing companies or keeping an in-house) that best works for your business. 

It is important to consider whether or not it will allow you to focus your energy on attaining your business goals

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