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How to Overcome Barriers to Adopting Digital Solutions in Your Company

With the emergence of new technologies in the ever-changing business landscape of the modern world, we’ve seen how digital transformation showcases companies with the opportunity to reimagine how their business runs and operates with new digital tools and processes. Likewise, it also provides digital solutions for their business needs and development. 

However, as with any change management and future-facing ambition, businesses will have to face hurdles throughout the transformation processes. These will range from structural problems to people-centric issues, technical barriers, and everything in between. 

Digital transformation statistics stated that  70% of all digital transformation programs fail due to employee resistance and lack of support from management. So, it is, after all, routinely pitched as an ‘adopt or die’ concept and the roadmap of how to successfully adopt really depends on companies’ willingness, efficiency and dedication. 

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to what digital solution is in the digital transformation sphere and some ways you can integrate them to overcome the barriers when adopting them into your business. Read ahead. 

What is a digital solution?

A digital solution is a term coined to describe a solution incorporating digital technology in solving a problem. Typically, it comes from the intersection between customer desires and digitally-inspired solutions, and these solutions are derived from the capability afforded by digital technology.

It is also any solution using technology that takes advantage of these three core digital capabilities, the ubiquitous data, massive processing power, and unlimited connectivity. Some digital technologies used for digital solutions include social media, mobile, analytics, Cloud, AI, blockchain, bio-metrics, robotics, machine learning, etc.

Ways for Overcoming the Barriers to Adopting Digital Solutions in Your Company

Learn to overcome the barriers that may be holding back your company and make the leap to digital innovation.

Invest in a Digital Adoption Platform

A new digital application or system will not automatically be better if you don’t provide enough time to build your personnel’s engagement. You will need proper onboarding, training and support, or cultivate their IT skills. To guarantee the success of your digital transformation initiative, investing in a digital adoption platform (DAP) is the right option as it offers companies without coding functions to help put in-app content to earn contextual onboarding experiences and ongoing support. 

Have Agility

The core of digital transformation projects is an awareness of organizational vulnerability. To adapt and succeed in a global, digital realm, leaders understand that innovation and change are necessary. But technology is rapidly transforming and continues to scale faster than many can grasp.

Being agile means not being afraid of change and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. The fact that you’re currently moving toward digital transformation is evidence of your agility, but do lean into this. Don’t shy away from new processes of doing things, modern tools, and shifting traditional practices to new ones.

Align Business Goals With Digital Transformation Strategy

You’re essentially striving to make your organization as digitized and digitalized as possible, so make sure the particular evolving areas of your offerings are front-and-centre when developing new systems and should align with your company’s business goals. Know your customers’ needs and the pain points and friction areas in your services, products, and offerings to address them with the avant-garde parts of your operations.

Seek a Digital Transformation Consultant

Core processes, equipment, approaches, experiences, and solutions are all completely overhauled in a digital transformation. However, most organizations haven’t undergone this precise transformation process. This makes this a complicated challenge for businesses that might find this phenomenon intimidating.

With that, hiring a digital transformation consultant through a trusted BPO service provider will render you the comfort of experts and professionals. They have done this before and have grown adept in their craft. Thus, they will provide you with a framework and foundation for finding success with a track record to back this up.

You can also outsource web development and tech support from an IT BPO. Your service provider will handle and implicate solutions for your company’s IT functions. You can hire a web content specialist and a digital content specialist to create, promote and scale your brand’s visibility online. 

Moreover, investing in tools that will automate your intricate tasks such as the Moolahmore cash flow app can also be a good start.


Digital transformation is the process by which an organization adapts to the digital age by changing its culture, processes, & technologies.

Digital transformation empowers companies to take their business into the future. It positions companies to withstand competition and grow in new areas. But, along with that, companies must consider everything when taking on this transformation process. 

We understand that digital transformation can be overwhelming. But despite that, our service provider partners can provide you with the expert guidance you need to thrive. We can connect you to the providers of effective digital solutions for your business to become a more innovative enterprise. Break down the barriers and have a better future with access to new markets through a smooth digital transformation. Contact us today. 



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