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How Companies Utilise Multichannel Customer Service

Multichannel customer service is gaining popularity that helps businesses to reach out to customers in a more personalized & effective way.

In these current times, where companies must be present on various channels simultaneously and deliver a seamless experience, having just one or two channels for client support is never an ideal strategy. Likewise, customers, too, have become quite demanding as they now want you to be available when and where they need you. They’d prefer to be able to communicate with your company on their terms, such as their own selection for the channel to receive assistance. Moreover, 90% of customers also expect consistent interactions across different channels. 

This is where multichannel customer service enters the scene and becomes a major differentiator for businesses of all sizes. Thankfully, many business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that offer customer support outsource incorporate multichannel communication like social media, mobile messaging, email support, live chat support, technical support, voice call support, and so on. After all, it’s also emerging as the key to providing an agile and convenient experience on customers’ preferred channels. 

And that’s why businesses with a future-facing mindset adopt and utilise this approach for digital engagement, keep up with the ever-changing demands and needs of the customers, and maintain consistency across channels.   

In this blog post, we will dive into how multinational companies utilise multichannel customer service when managing their clients!  

Factors Considered While Managing Multichannel Customer Service

Determining Your Preferred Customer Channels

Clients prefer to engage with businesses that provide support on many channels. This gives them a choice to shift to any medium and acquire value with the engagements. Taking note of this, businesses entail a mix of channels to captivate customers and show you understand their preferences. 

With so many popular channels, such as social media, email, live chat, self-service tools, knowledge bases, etc., the secret is to determine the channels that are incongruent with your brand vision and leverage its potential.  

Best ways to identify customer channels

  • Understand the current trends
  • Provide channels you can handle efficiently
  • Maintain consistency across channels

Linking All Support Channels to the Same Interface

Clients expect fast answers to their inquiries. Hence, if you keep them waiting, they might feel disappointed and switch over to your competitors. 

Moreover, with so many responses and channels to handle simultaneously, agents may feel baffled at times, which can adversely affect their response time. 

So to avoid this situation, businesses often link all the support channels to the same interface, such as social media, messaging apps, live chat, and video chat, and allow the customer service agents to become more productive in dealing with clients.

Using Chatbots for Conversation Assistance

In most cases, 50% of consumers don’t mind whether they are dealing with AI-enabled assistants or humans. 

Many companies are imparting chatbots as an integral element of customer service to automate feedback and make way for agents to focus on other equally critical tasks. 

Using bots for multichannel customer engagement saves operational costs, enhances response rates, and renders prompt support at different touchpoints of the customer journey. Thus, this improves the customer service experience. 

Being Aware of the Customer Context

Clients like to shift between channels when interacting with companies. However, they also wish to get the same type of experience across different channels. 

Therefore, businesses try to understand customer service trends clearly and maintain context across various channels. When you do that, you avoid causing inconvenience to customers by repeating their problems whenever they change channels. 

Integrating a Human Touch

Bots are designed to provide better customer service with less effort, but the ones that require empathy are the most difficult to manage.

Bots manage 85% of all customer service engagements without the involvement of any human touch.  

But even when automation is taking centre stage in customer service and Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving customer support engagements to digital platforms, it is absolutely a bad idea if human intervention is entirely removed from assistance delivery. Why? There will always be particular complex times and situations where clients would want to speak to a real person to clear their doubts. 

Assessing Your Channel Performance

Not all channels will be equally rewarding, and that’s why businesses regularly assess all of them and see how they suit the constant changes in customer demand. 

Based on the customer channels analysis, they evaluate through customer and team metrics and then revamp them. Likewise, accessing will give a deep insight into what clients desire and how to prepare businesses to bridge the gap between the expectations and what is delivered. 

Rendering Outstanding Mobile Support Experience

Mobile traffic is the fastest growing channel for businesses and it is hard to ignore the impact of mobile traffic

One-third of all consumers use their mobile devices to connect with businesses or reach out to the customer service team. Additionally, with smartphone usage skyrocketing globally, not providing mobile support experiences could cause a massive loss for any company that sets high standards for itself. 

Businesses can’t ignore the impact of mobile traffic, so they devise the right support strategy to benefit from one of the vital customer service channels. 

Reviewing All Customer Engagements On a Regular Basis

Reviewing customer engagements regularly is always one of the key aspects of customer service to improve the quality and value of your support. 

As such, here are some pointers of what companies evaluate in their customer conversations:

  • Understanding of what clients expect from your business and what you deliver to them 
  • Knowing which customer channel is performing and marking up which is not 
  • Ironing its flaws in revising the support strategy 


It's important to regularly review customer engagements to ensure that the company is always improving the quality & value of your support

Implementing multichannel customer service is now imperative to keeping up with the changing aspirations of customers who anticipate businesses to be present across various channels and have a smooth engagement with them. And that’s why multinational companies utilise this approach to their operations with the help of BPO service providers that can provide this function and thrive with it! 

Delight your customers with efficiency, convenience, and flawless experience across touchpoints by collaborating with an excellent outsourcing marketplace like The Lead Enquiry. Our customer service outsourcing partners incorporate the multichannel communication approach that can leave a good long-lasting impression on your market! Contact us today. 



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