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Advantages With BPO Over Traditional Engineering and Construction Firms 

Imagine how your engineering and construction firm can excel when you harness the power of recent and innovative methodologies. This may result in immense enhancement. Thus, mesh these advantages in your current systems while removing processes and products that aren’t up to muster. 

As such, many E&C companies have come to realise that to stay relevant and ahead of the game means upgrading and keeping abreast of new technologies and innovative processes to complete crucial projects. However, a lot of these companies don’t have the expertise, resources and means to accomplish it. The savvy ones contract engineering and construction services with business process outsourcing (BPO) providers. These BPO providers can bring these immense possibilities to life.

In this blog post, we will tackle the advantages of outsourcing with BPO over traditional engineering and construction firms.

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

The Advantages of Outsourcing Engineering and Construction Services to BPO Service Providers

A significant reduction in overhead expenses

BPO companies tend to be more cost-effective than traditional engineering and construction firms. They can rely on a lower staff-to-client ratio and use automated systems to speed up the process

Likewise, market research also shows that outsourcing engineering and construction tasks allows for cutting labour costs by 20% to 30%. Additionally, it minimises the amount of money spent on engineering and construction-related services. The revenue saved can be utilised for new marketing initiatives, business development, and other crucial and profitable key expenses.

Fewer office space is needed

A major advantage of outsourcing engineering and construction roles and tasks to a BPO service provider over keeping it in-house with traditional engineering and construction firms is the contraction of the number of office spaces that you will invest in. With in-house engineering and construction staff needing roughly 150 square feet per employee, corporations can save 300 to 600 square feet by offshoring the services worked on by 2-4 in-house engineers.

Office equipment expenses are reduced

When engineering and construction services are outsourced, traditional firms can enjoy instantaneous savings on expenses. These expenses are related to computers, printers, telephones, office supplies and furniture. With businesses spending an average of $2,000 per year on office equipment and supplies for every employee, businesses in the engineering and construction field can gain significant savings on office equipment through outsourcing.

A higher average degree of engineering and construction expertise

Outsourcing engineering and construction functions and services provide companies with a higher level of technical knowledge and expertise. The best outsourced third party comprise exceptionally trained teams of engineers and architects. These professionals are accomplished and well-versed in the industry’s best practices. Onshore continuing education and training programs are part of the workplace culture. With outsourcing, highly complicated projects can be delved into more efficiently.

The utilisation of the most recent and cutting-edge technology

A BPO provider focuses exclusively on engineering and construction services and therefore tends to use the most advanced, up-to-date and refined technology. They are concentrated on innovation and are cognizant of the competitive advantages associated with technological expertise.

Access to an extensive array of complex engineering and construction services

Given today’s business landscape empowered by digital transformation, clients are increasingly demanding more complex engineering and construction services that are sometimes beyond the scope of small firms with limited in-house engineering and construction resources. An outsourced BPO vendor is accustomed to demonstrating projects with highly sophisticated geometries and those that require more complex 3D animation services that are rather not the strong points for engineering and construction firms with limited resources.

An agile turnaround time on key projects

Approximately 23% of businesses choose to outsource because they seek a faster turnaround time. Speed is a crucial concern of consumers who require engineering and construction services. Fortunately, one of the most important assets of BPO is its ability to speed up project delivery times. Compared to traditional engineering and construction firms, which may take several months to complete a project, a BPO 23% of businesses choose to outsource because they seek a faster turnaround time can often deliver the same or even faster service and are able to complete projects with lower costs due to their flexible approach and use of outsourced manpower.

Moreover, with external service providers often working around the clock to complete projects, various E&C firms are able to attend to their customers’ demands much quicker than they could with a restricted number of in-house engineers.

Highly flexible in handling complex projects and adapt to changes in the market

BPO companies are often better equipped to manage complex projects and expeditious development in the industry than traditional engineering and construction firms since they can swiftly adapt their staffing and operations to meet the needs of their clients. In addition, BPOs are typically smaller than traditional firms, which allows them to be more nimble, responsive and flexible to changing demands in the marketplace.

Ability to leverage services on an as-needed basis

The demand for engineering and construction services is not constant. Fluctuations in demand for services can present a challenge to a business, especially if the company is smaller in size. Bottlenecks can arise in periods of high demand while engineering and construction staff continue to receive full-time pay even during industry lulls. BPO outsourcing companies solve this problem through flexibility, as a firm only pays for services that are provided. 

Enhanced marketing capabilities

Unlike the conventional methods of E&C firms, outsourcing your engineering and construction tasks and other related services to a trusted service provider allows your firm to devote more time and resources to marketing initiatives. As the owner of the firm, you can then focus your efforts on developing new methods to promote your business and showcasing your improved quality designs, especially within emerging markets.

A greater customer satisfaction

Customers demand high-quality results and fast turnaround times. By outsourcing engineering and construction services, you can meet both of these demands. The end result is a more satisfied client who is more likely to request your services in the future. The key to sustaining a high level of customer satisfaction through outsourcing is to carefully choose an experienced, well-focused BPO provider. 

Gain service and support all the time

One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing is the opportunity to gain 24/7 client support services. Outsourced engineering and construction providers typically render ongoing support to clients regardless of the time of day. This enables customers in different time zones to receive support that would usually have to wait until the next business day in traditional engineering firms.


And there you have its advantages. Also, note that outsourcing your engineering and construction functions and services to a BPO company doesn’t necessarily mean entirely replacing your current engineering team. Rather, your team gets an expert extension to build on their knowledge and understanding of your strategic goals, processes and systems and to identify the best way to meet or exceed your customers’ expectations and succeed. You can also improve and grow without adding the overhead and other costs of building additional in-house employees, office spaces and new tools and equipment. 

To fully and effectively reap the benefits of engineering and construction outsourcing, partner with an excellent marketplace, The Lead Enquiry. We can securely connect you to our BPO service providers that are agile and built to scale with client demand, ensuring that you’ll get high-quality service and professional expertise in successfully managing your most complex projects, no matter how large or small it is. Contact us today. 



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